This is one day of the year where we people of Irish descent let everyone else be Irish too.

In America, we celebrate with lots of beer, food and parades, as they’ve done in Ireland since (finally) 1997. America had its first parades in the 1700s.

st. patrick's day march on o'connell st. in dublinSt. Patrick’s Day parade, Dublinst. patricks day clevelandSt. Patrick’s Day parade, Cleveland


Irish cuisine is so much more than corned beef, cabbage and potatoes, so here’s a couple of links to websites that celebrate Irish food, as well as information about St. Patrick and Irish history and traditions.



An Irish Toast:


maxine st. patrick's day


Erin Go Bragh (Irish Rebellion Version) Éirinn go Brách
I’ll sing you a song of a row in the town,
When the green flag went up and the Crown flag came down,
‘Twas the neatest and sweetest thing ever you saw,
And they played that great game they called Erin Go Bragh.

God bless gallant Pearse and his comrades who died
Tom Clark, MacDonagh, MacDiarmada, McBride,
And here’s to James Connolly who gave one hurrah,
And faced the machine guns for Erin Go Bragh.

Now one of our leaders was down in Ring’s end,
For the honour of Ireland to hold and defend,
He had no veteran soldiers but volunteers raw,
Playing sweet Mauser music for Erin Go Bragh.

Old Ceannt and his comrades like lions at bay,
From the South Dublin Union poured death and dismay,
But what was then often the entaylors men saw
All the dead karki soldiers on Erin Go Bragh.

A great foreign captain was raving that day,
Saying, “Give me one hour and I’ll blow you away,”
But a big Mauser bullet got stuck in his jaw,
And he died of lead poisoning on Erin Go Bragh.

A glory to Dublin, and to her we renown,
In the long generations her fame will go down,
And our children will tell how their forefathers saw,
The red blaze of freedom in Erin Go Bragh.


Erin Go Bragh!


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  1. Ahhh… Years ago, I would drive the patrol car a wee bit slow, and circle the bars for entertainment as, the wanna-bes, would stumble out, and wretch (!) all over the street >P-U-K-E!!!<. Hey it was better than watching 21 year olds at times, when in a barroom with their pals and drinking got out of hand. Old School bartenders made them clean up the mess, then tossed them into the gutter.

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