Hasan’s Contact With Al-Qaeda was ‘Protected by Free Speech’

This is fucked up beyond belief.

Investigators would have been “crucified” over First Amendment rights if they had launched a full-scale probe into e-mails Fort Hood massacre suspect Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan allegedly sent to a radical imam, a government investigator told Fox News.

The claim comes as the squabble grows among officials in different branches of law enforcement and the military over who knew what, and when, about Hasan’s leanings toward faith-inspired violence, and amid charges that “political correctness” prevented officials from taking pre-emptive action.

Multiple investigators familiar with the FBI’s review of the Fort Hood case told Fox News that they simply did not have enough evidence to launch an investigation. Though officials discovered Hasan’s e-mails to the imam, one government counterterrorism investigator said the messages suggested he was seeking “spiritual and religious guidance.”

Make that Islamic terrorism “spiritual and religious guidance”.

……The investigator added that the communications were shared with the “appropriate chains,” including the Department of Defense. The source suggested Hasan may have had other suspicious contacts, telling Fox News “no one missed anything or connections to nefarious individuals.”


So, what that means is his chain of command probably never got the information about the e-mails.

Nidal Malik Hasan is a muslim terrorist who was encouraged by like-minded muslims at his mosque, as well as the Al-Qaeda he communicated with online.
But Army Chief of Staff General George Casey just can’t seem to bring himself to do anything other than opine about “diversity” and “backlash”.

Good Dhimmi.

Further proof of just how badly investigators stepped on their cranks:

The disclosure Tuesday of the defense investigator’s role indicated the U.S. military was aware of worrisome behavior by the massacre suspect long before the attack. Following the disclosure, a senior defense official, also demanding anonymity, directly contradicted that notion.

The senior defense official said neither the Army nor any other part of the Defense Department knew of Hasan’s contacts with any Muslim extremists. But the defense official carefully conceded this view was based upon what the Pentagon knows now.

Hours later, the same senior defense official reiterated that the Defense Department was not notified before the Fort Hood massacre of investigations into Hasan, despite the participation of two Defense Department investigators on two joint task forces run by the FBI that looked at Hasan. This defense official asserted that the task force ground rules barred any members from telling their home agency about task force findings without approval of the other investigators and wasn’t aware of whether there was ever any discussion of doing that.

Aside from the FBI and the Department of Defense dropping the ball, investigators were cowed by fears of “discrimination”. The hieracrchy in the military is scared shitless to put the blame where it’s due. And the Obama regime can’t get past its sympathy for Isamic terrorists to even acknowlege that it’s Islamic terrorism.

There’s a distintive pattern here.  Terrorist cells continue to operate in this country. Our borders leak like seives. Our government makes excuses and tries to blame victims and Americans who are justifiably pissed about the threat to our national security.  And last but not least, the domestic intelligence community is either hampered by political correctness, or will not share information to other agencies.

In any case, we’re screwed.

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