Howard Dean: “Benghazi is a Joke”

The assclown thinks it’s funny.

Former Democratic National committee chairman Howard Dean considers the controversy over Benghazi a “joke” and “silly.”

“Benghazi is a laughable joke,” Dean proclaimed twice last week in a discussion with Republican National Committee communications chairman Sean Spicer.

“With all due respect, governor, when four Americans die serving this country, that’s not a joke, sir,” Spicer responded.

“Oh, stop it,” Dean said.

(Dean) brushed off the controversy over the administration’s response to the terrorist attack as an effort by Republicans to score political points. ”It’s very clear what happened with Benghazi, this is ridiculous,” he said.

Howard Dean is what passes for intellect and credibility in the Dem Party.

It is very clear what happened with Benghazi. Obama’s politicizing of Benghazi was swift and immediate. He had to do something to cover his ass after months of blowing off Ambassador Stevens’ repeated requests for extra security and his concerns over the growing terrorist violence in the area.  The whole disaster lies at the feet of Obama and Hillary.  The vulgar spin and lying over the incompetence which led to the deaths of four Americans is no fucking joke, Howard.


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