If the Future of This Country Depends on Assclowns Like These, America is Screwed

Here’s another look into the scary little minds of socialist union proponents.

This video clearly demonstrates that there are some people who should be subjected to an IQ test before they’re allowed to vote or breed. Pay particular attention to the main socialist character, one Rob Lewis, a member of a ‘revolutionary organization’, the ISO. Rob and his friends spout the usual Marxist talking points; “class struggle”, “racism”, “homophobia”, “ruling class”, and making the requisite idiotic comparison to the protests in Egypt. Well, there is a connection given the socialist/communist/union organizations who helped spawn the chaos in Cairo. Rob gets to the nitty gritty of what he’s all about at aproximately 3:25 into the video.

“There are two fundamental classes that are just a plain fact of society. You either work for someone else or you work for yourself. Most people work for someone else in a way that they aren’t free. You don’t really get to decide your work. For example, I work at Noodles, a restaurant, and basically it’s a dictatorship there. We’re told exactly what we’re going to cook, how we’re going to cook it, what time we’re going to get there, and basically if they don’t like what we’re doing…they try to tell us what to do and if we don’t listen, they get rid of us. And so, we’re not able to actually cooperate in the way that we can make decisions together. I try to convince my fellow employees that we should have a union…it’s a source of power to start with. And then I think in terms of the bigger picture when you look at revolutions, the way that you actually get rid of any sort of dictatorship, is by having workers take control of the place where they work…..If the owner wanted to cooperate with us as an equal, and provide the skills that he had, we would definitely cooperate with him. He would have to abdicate his position as being an owner and controller of us and he would have to recoginize that we run Noodles together, and basically if he doesn’t want to cooperate with us, he’s against us”.


Hey Rob, it’s called a JOB. Employers will pay you what they think you’re worth, not union-dictated entitlements. Rob would do well to remember this quote:

“Not to be a republican at 20 is proof of want of heart; to be one at 30 is proof of want of head.”

—Mid-nineteenth century historian and statesman François Guizot

The union trolls are diametrically opposed to our Democratic Republic and the United States Constitution. They want to finish B. Hussein Obama’s “fundamental transformation” with a cross between Mao and Marx. There’s a slight problem, however. The majority of Americans will never allow that to happen.

Good luck with that mutiny, Rob. I wonder if Rob’s boss has seen his little speech. Maybe he can add Rob to the growing list of the unemployed.

2 thoughts on “If the Future of This Country Depends on Assclowns Like These, America is Screwed”

  1. butt neckid

    SARG…now you know I’ve been sayin’ WE’S SKREWED for a long time…and being older and maybe wizer you should lissen to me sumtimes…at least you should ’til ARMY beats NAVY…then maybe not so much…xoxoxo

    1. Butt,
      Smarty pants. I’ve always said that I hope those future Second Lieutenants fight better on the battlefield than they do on the gridiron, otherwise they’ll get their asses kicked.

      SFC MAC

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