IG Report Contains a Multitude of Anti-Trump and Anti-Trump Voter Rants From FBI Agents, Mueller Attorneys

The raging moonbats vented their political spleens during the election and a bogus investigation against Donald Trump, but according to Michael Horowitz, that had no bearing on the reasons why Hillary skated on her crimes.

Remember, these are the same FBI agents and Mueller attorneys involved in the investigation.

Via Fox News

……But while many of those texts were made public in late 2017, the IG report revealed a new one in which Strzok vowed to “stop” Trump from becoming president — and made clear that as many as five total FBI employees exchanged politically charged messages. “The text messages and instant messages sent by these employees included statements of hostility toward then candidate Trump and statements of support for candidate Clinton,” the report said.

The report revealed instant messages between unnamed agents, labeled “Agent 1” and “Agent 5,” discussing their jobs in August 2016.

“I find anyone who enjoys [this job] an absolute f—ing idiot. If you don’t think so, ask them one more question. Who are you voting for? I guarantee you it will be Donald Drumpf,” Agent 1 sent.

“I forgot about drumpf…that’s so sad and pathetic if they want to vote for him,” Agent 5 responded. “Someone who can’t answer a question. Someone who can’t be professional for even a second.”

In September, Agent 1 and 5 conversed again, bashing Trump supporters as “retarded.”

“I’m trying to think of a ‘would I rather’ instead of spending time with those people,” Agent 5 sent.

Agent 1 asked, “stick your tongue in a fan??”

Agent 5 later wrote: “I would rather have brunch with trump and a bunch of his supporters like the ones from ohio that are retarded.”

I’m a veteran and Trump supporter from Ohio. I would love to meet “Agent 5” face to face.

More from the Western Journal:

……Shortly after the FBI announced they were reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email on Oct. 28, 2016, Attorney 2 sent out several messages which seemed to reference the event. “I mean, I never really liked the Republic anyway,” one read. “As I have initiated the destruction of the republic … Would you be so kind as to have a coffee with me this afternoon?” read another. “I’m clinging to small pockets of happiness in the dark time of the Republic’s destruction,” another said.

According to the report, Attorney 2 brushed those off by having “described these messages as reflecting his surprise and frustration that the FBI ‘was essentially walking into a landmine in terms of injecting itself (into the election) at that late in the process.’”

……The conversation has mostly to do with the FBI’s role in the election, if any. Note the tone, where the attorney seems to believe that they ought to be acting as a partisan arm of the Democrats.

……“The third exchange we identified was on November 22, 2016,” the IG report read. “FBI Attorney 2 sent an instant message to FBI Attorney 1 commenting on the amount of money the subject of an FBI investigation had been paid while working on the Trump campaign. FBI Attorney 1 responded, ‘Is it making you rethink your commitment to the Trump administration?’ FBI Attorney 2 replied, ‘Hell no.’ and then added, ‘Viva le resistance.’”

And so they continued, a vaunted member of La Résistance Nouvelle until the moment Robert Mueller saw those messages and was given an Insta-migraine. The special counsel’s office issued a statement saying that “FBI Attorney 2 did not work for the Special Counsel’s Office as a prosecutor or as an investigator,” although little other info was given.

The political bias of the DOJ and FBI was the entire motivation behind the effort to block criminal charges against Hillary and undermine the election of Donald Trump.

Anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok showed a “willingness to take official action” to impact the presidential election.

This little gem:


I bet there’s a lot more of that shit that was redacted from the report.







Either Horowitz is the dumbest fuck on the planet or he’s too scared to admit the evidence.  I’m guessing door number 1.

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