Illegals Flee Arizona

Aw, what a shame.

Arizona’s tough new immigration enforcement law is fueling an exodus of Hispanics from the state seven weeks before it goes into effect, according to officials and residents in the state. Though no one has precise figures, reports from school officials, businesses and individuals indicate worried Hispanics — both legal and illegal — are leaving the state in anticipation of the law, which will go into effect July 29.

Schools in Hispanic areas report unusual drops in enrollment. The Balsz Elementary School District is 75% Hispanic, and within a month of the law’s passage, the parents of 70 students pulled them out of school, said District Superintendent Jeffrey Smith. The district lost seven students over the same one-month period last year, and parents tell Smith the Arizona law is the reason for leaving.

……”They’re leaving to another state where they feel more welcome,” he said.

In other words, they’re running to states that either violate the law with “sanctuary”, or to states that haven’t had much of a problem yet.

The measure, signed into law April 23 by Republican Gov. Jan Brewer, requires a police officer to determine a person’s immigration status if they are stopped, detained or arrested and there is “reasonable suspicion” they are in the country illegally.

About 100,000 illegal immigrants left Arizona after the state passed a law in 2007 that enhanced penalties on businesses that hired them, according to the Department of Homeland Security. Some early signs suggest another exodus.

 ……Paul Senseman, a spokesman for Brewer, said it’s difficult to gauge how many people are leaving because of the law, but he said he hears similar reports of people leaving the state.

“If that means that fewer people are breaking the law, that is absolutely an accomplishment,” he said.

Let them flee all they want. Many states have laws similar to Arizona, and even more plan to start enacting/enforcing the law. It’s about time. Most American citizens support enforcement of our sovereignty and immigration laws. By the way, Title 8 of the U.S. Code, sections 1324 and 1325 describe the penalties for illegal entrance and for those who hire, harbor, aid, and abet illegals. IT’S A FELONY. Get here legally or get out. Maybe they’ll start fleeing south for a change.

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    hell I just got back from HOME DEPOT…..crap crap crap…no laborers there now how am I gonna get stuff done???

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