Illegals get Stopped Coming and Going

When I first saw the title of this story I thought, what the hell?  But then the logic popped up about four paragraphs down.

SAN DIEGO — U.S. border authorities no longer apprehend illegal immigrants only as they enter the country. Now they’re catching them on the way out.

At random times near the Tijuana-San Diego border, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers have been setting up checkpoints, boarding buses destined for Mexico and pulling off people who don’t have proper documentation.

The checkpoints, which are not announced in advance, are set up on southbound Interstate 5 about 100 yards north of the border. Vehicles in all lanes must stop.

Vincent Bond, an agency spokesman, said departing immigrants are fair targets.

“If our officers come upon people who are here illegally . . . regardless of whether they’re leaving the country, we detain them, make a record of the fact they were here illegally and return them to Mexico,” Bond said.

EXACTLY. That’s one of the best ideas the ICE has come up with. Documenting and identifying the illegals on the way out will make it easier to track and identify them should they sneak back in.  They’ll probably give the message to other south of the border denizens, that the free ride for illegals is over.

Though a wall with armed agents at the vanguard would be much better, at least it’s a start.

Of course the open-borders, pro-illegal groups are crying a Rio Grande:

Immigrant rights groups and other critics say the crackdown is a sad reflection of growing anti-immigrant sentiment in the country.

“The policies of the Bush administration are designed to make life so difficult for immigrants in the U.S. illegally that they’re forced to leave. . . . Now they’re arresting people who they are actually driving out of the country. . . . Unbelievable,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, a Washington-based immigration reform group.


Boo fucking hoo. Federal laws are designed to ensure legal entry and residence in this country.
It’s called sovereignty. We have a right, just like any other country, to monitor immigrants who come in, and what their purpose is for being here.

The government is finally cracking down on illegals, those who employ them, and those who abet their illegal trespass. The enforcement of the law is forcing them to leave.

Don’t let the door hit you on the ass, pendejo.

2 thoughts on “Illegals get Stopped Coming and Going”

  1. Madame Vengier

    “The policies of the Bush administration are designed to make life so difficult for immigrants in the U.S. illegally that they’re forced to leave.”

    YES. And???????? Did Frank Sherry actually say this with a straight face??

    And frankly (no pun intended–hee) the Bush admin isn’t doing ENOUGH. If they really had the wontons to do what they should be doing to protect our citizens and enforce the laws of our sovereign nation, they would do all of the following in short order:

    1: Tell Calderon to fuck off
    2: Build a wall
    3: Staff the wall with armed guards
    4: Shoot on sight anyone who tries to get in

    End of story.

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