Illegals Upset Over Being Returned to Mexico After Being Detained

Tough shit.



The unanswered question remains of where migrants are going after shelters in El Paso have seen a significant decrease in migrants.

The Department of Homeland Security isn’t commenting on if the Migrant Protection Protocols, also known as the Remain in Mexico policy, has been expanded.

Border Patrol officials say the number of apprehensions remains the same. KFOX14 anchor Robert Holguin crossed the border to Ciudad Juarez to try to find out if migrants are being released to Mexico.

Holguin saw a busload of migrants being returned to Mexico and being dropped off at the federal immigration building in Ciudad Juarez.

Most of the migrants are Cuban, and some are from Central American countries.

The migrants said they were detained on the U.S. border for as long as 60 days. Others said it was 30 days, but they were eventually returned to Mexico and given a court date.

Some of the migrants said their court hearings are a year away.

Jose Galindo, a Cuban migrant, said he was returned to Mexico and said it was not what he was expecting. He said he spent 30 days in a detention facility in the U.S. and will remain in Ciudad Juarez to make his asylum claim because he wants his chance at the American dream.

A Nicaraguan woman who did not want to be identified said she spent 45 days in a detention facility in the U.S., only to be returned to Mexico.

She said she wished she had known that was going to happen, otherwise she would not have made the trip.


Good. If the word spreads enough, the millions of illegal alien vermin who try to invade this country will stay the fuck home.
BTW: The Supreme Court ruled that illegals can be held indefinitely with no bond hearings. This ensures that the vermin stay put until they’re booted back to their country of origin.

Enter America legally or stay the fuck home.

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