Interesting Cover on The New Yorker

Hat tip to Ann Althouse, who thinks it’s just “……a hilarious spoof of the fears and lies about Obama.”


Here it is:

Obama’s campaign responded by saying they found it to be “tasteless and offensive.”


It was unintentional on the part of the liberals at The New Yorker, who wanted to exploit what they think are ‘unfounded’ fears, but what they succeeded in doing was an actual portrayal; an accurate reflection of Obama’s character. He’s accumulated FARC, William Ayers, Hamas, Louis Farrakhan, and Kim Jong Il among his friends, admirers, and supporters.

The picture isn’t that far off.

And what a double standard.

As The Hot Joints points out, there’s a malicious selectivity with what libtards find ‘humorous’:

With all the fuss over The New Yorker’s distasteful caricature of the Obamas, it reminded me of a far more offensive caricature of John McCain that Rolling Stone featured last month.

Alongside a hit piece called Full Metal McCain, Rolling Stone magazine offered up the horrifying caricature you see above, which seemed to poke fun at John McCain’s 5 1/2 years of torture as a Vietnam POW.


They also forgot about the blatantly racist, grotesque montage by Ted Rall, with one of the frames depicting Condi Rice as Bush’s “House Nigga”:

There’s also a plethora of “Kill Bush” t-shirts and signs foisted by leftwingnutroots at every protest, and some pretty vile OpEds by leftist columnists, denigrating the military, the country, and their political nemisis, READ: Republicans.

Mark Morford, an unhinged moonbat at the San Francisco Chronicle, refered to Laura Bush as a ‘docile doormat’.


Apparently, Morford prefers the womanly attributes of one Theresa Kerry, John’s raving lunatic of a wife.
He’s turned on by her “Controversial. Fiery. A little weird, prickly, unpredictable” personality.


As one commenter on Michelle Malkin’s site put it: Would that be the Laura with enough backbone to tell George to straighten himself out or the party was over?

Another commenter pointed out these facts:

As a strong, Conservative woman who:
-has an undergraduate degree in Biology and Mathematics
-has a graduate degree from the University of Oxford
-performs improv comedy (that means made up on the spot for all the trolls – no scripts needed here) in front of 200 people on a regular basis
-has lived in four other nations besides the U.S.
-has backpacked (sometimes alone)through sixteen other nations
-volunteers every Saturday to support the troops
-teaches math and computers to homeless, and/or low-income, and/or drug-addictedd, and/or ex-offenders, and/or immigrants for a non-profit…

As Karl Rove once observed:

“Laura Bush intimidates me. All the Bushes—well, most of the Bush men marry incredibly strong women, and they all intimidate me. Barbara Bush I’ve lived in fear of for thirty-seven years.”

Laura Bush doesn’t strike this outspoken, take-no-crap-from-anyone female, as a ‘doormat’. She has definite opinions and priorities as First Lady.

The Left’s prolific attack on political ‘enemies’ is never questioned by the MSM, but now and then, they get a taste of their own poison.

So, their Obamessiah got poked at.

They should put on their big boy/girl pants and deal with it.

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