International Red Cross Gives Aid to Taliban

What the fuck?!?

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has been providing medical training to members of the Taliban, including some high-ranking combatants, in Afghanistan.

The humanitarian group says in a recent report that it provided first-aid training and first-aid kits to more than 70 “members of the armed opposition” in April.

Christian Cardon, a Geneva-based spokesman for ICRC, said in a phone interview that a wide range of Taliban fighters, including some senior-level militants, received such training.

Combatants of varying ranks attend these camps, but it is important to have “high-rank people also so they can at least transmit this knowledge to other combatants,” he said.

……Coalition forces fighting in Afghanistan also frequently provide medical assistance to captured Taliban fighters, but if it is determined the fighters are enemy combatants, they are not permitted to return to the battlefield.

Therein lies the difference. The assclowns in the IRC are not only giving aid and comfort to the enemy, but they’re patching them up so they can return to the battlefield and try to kill U.S. troops. If this isn’t tantamount to treachery, I don’t know what is.
With all the self-appointed “activists”, nothing surprises me anymore.

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