Iowahawk Warns of the Dangers of Journo-Politico Violence

While you’re fixated on the recent rampage of lunatic fringe resident Jared Loughner,  bear in mind that his kind of criminally insane behavior has been a staple of many journalists and politicians for years.  Dave Burge, the creator of the Iowahawk blog,  took a short break from his usual biting, hilarious satire, and compiled a lengthy record of their assaults, rapes, theft, extortion, murders, assassination chic, and psychotic behavior, past and present.  His tongue-in-cheek project is titled: The Media Violence Project / Center for the Study of Politician Sociopathy.

Some of the more outrageous ones:

……the alleged perpetrators harbored pre-journalistic tendencies (for instance, violent hatred of George Bush and capitalism, and messianic obsession with President Obama)…..

……In the two years since the MVP issued our first report, another tidal wave of media-related bizarre or violent crimes has come to light, each more shocking than the last. Like CNN reporter Richard Quest, arrested in New York’s Central Park in 2008 brandishing a noose or ABC Miami reporter Jeffrey Weinsier, charged with entering a school with a firearm. Or New Hampshire Union Leader sports writer Kevin Provencher, charged with operating a prostitution ring. It is unknown whether Provencher’s alleged activities were related to WABC New York sports anchor Marvell Scott, who was arrested earlier this year for allegedly raping a 14-year old prostitute. It is also unclear whether this Granite State “mack daddy” used a “strong pimp hand” with his “bitches,” but he might have shared tips and techniques with fellow journalists like Jason Scott Kidd, charged in 2009 with hitting a woman in the face at a Mexican restaurant, Gawker editor Richard “Date Rape Tips” Blakely, arrested for domestic violence, or Boise anchorman and alleged wife beater David Tester.

……Often the journalist reacts with petty violence, like animal cruelty, but he or she can quickly graduate to more serious crimes like criminal trespass, theft, extortion, and arson. Some reporters seek release from violent urges through sex crimes like assaulting hypnotized women, window peeping or public masturbation or bondage acts with underage prostitutes, but with little long term effect. Often the journalist will seek to slake his thirst for violence though bar fights or scuffling with police officers or kicking elderly people in laundromats. The brutality soon moves inside the home, in forms like child abandonment and spousal abuse including beatings and throwing scalding water

 ……Left untreated, he or she graduates to the “big leagues” of journalist crime. Examples include TV anchor Elena Skordelli, charged with arranging a murder hit on her producer, accused terrorist and Al-Jazeera reporter Baltasar Garzon, and alleged murderers like reporter Vlado Taneski, Ray Gosling,……

……And what do professional journalists do when they’re not busy with murder, rape, assault, and vehicular manslaughter? Sadly, as will come as no surprise to those who read our initial 2008 report, they continue to prey upon America’s children.

That’s just some of the criminal escapades of the media.

When it comes to malfeasance, politicians are no slouches.

Most Americans were relieved to hear of the resignation of Congress’s disgraced predator Eric Massa, but we must realize his ticklefight dungeon was only one cell in a complex nationwide network of politicians with a thirst for violence or perversion. Like Illinois Lt. Governor candidate Scott Cohen, arrested for assaulting and holding a knife to throat of his prostitute ex-girlfriend. Or former U.S. congressman Craig Washington, indicted for aggravated assault in a shooting incident. Or Tennessee State rep and judiciary committee chairman Rob Briley, who allegedly tried to kick the window of a state patrol car after leading police on a drunken 100 mph car chase. Or California U.S. congressman Bob Filner, arrested for security tresspass and assaulting airport workers. Or Racine, WI mayor Gary Becker, facing five counts of felony child sex crimes.

……the domestic abuse arrests of Ohio US congressional candidate Stephanie Studebaker, Washington state rep. Geoff Simpson, North Dakota state legislator and two-time domestic assault arrestee David Weiler, White Plains NY mayor Adam Bradley, Louisiana state senator Derrick Shepard (arrested for punching an ex-girlfriend and stealing her cell phone) or Queens city councilman Hiram Monserrate (accused of slashing his girlfriend’s face with a broken bottle). Eventually the violence moves to the streets, as in the cases of NY state senator Kevin Parker, Massachusetts state senator Anthony Galluccio, Rhode Island congressman and violent airport shover Patrick Kennedy, Republican Virginia legislative aide and accused violent gay-basher Bryan Fumagalli and California Democratic Council chief Christopher Stampolis, arrested for punching a female U-store clerk in the face. Sometimes legislators enlist their own children in the escalating mayhem, like Wisconsin U.S. Congresswoman Gwen Moore whose son was arrested for slashing the tires of political rivals.

……The descent of a typical politician into a dark miasma of psychopathy does not happen at all once; in many cases it take weeks, even months, after election before evidence of full-blown criminal dementia becomes clear. The key is to recognize the warning signs. One early symptom is angry, threatening, and abusive verbal behavior: examples include U.S. senator Charles Schumer and his expletive-laced harrassment of a female flight attendant, Senate colleague Mary Landrieu and her threat to “punch [George Bush] in the face – literally,” California U.S. congressman Pete Stark, who left an angry message on the phone of an Iraq war veteran challenging him to “tell me why you think you’re such a great goddamned hero,”……

……This behavior is frequently encouraged by other group members. Before his felony arrest and conviction for defrauding the government, NY State Comptroller Alan Hevesi publicly goaded Schumer at a Democratic fundraiser to “put a bullet between [George Bush’s] eyes.” A similar collegial appeal to shoot George Bush came from Kentucky governor Steve Beshear, addressed to famed face shooter Dick Cheney……

……the vilest possible racial epithets, like in the cases of U.S. representative Carolyn Maloney and her senate colleague and former Ku Klux Klan official Robert Byrd. A charismatic team captain knows how to feed it, telling his teammates to ‘get in their face,’ and ‘punch back twice as hard‘ and encouraging the use of weaponry such as pitchforks. (Guess who the “charismatic team captain” is)

Remember all of that now that the politicians are “concerned for their safety”. (READ: Afraid of confrontation with normal, justifyably angered constituents, not wackjobs like Loughner)

Strangely, their concern over safety didn’t extend to ObamaCare protesters who got assaulted by SEIU thugs.

2 thoughts on “Iowahawk Warns of the Dangers of Journo-Politico Violence”

  1. I ran across this article because I was researching the case of Jeff Weinsier which is mentioned here. I think you should have done some research yourself before posting this. All the charges against Weinsier were dropped by the state attorney’s office early on because he had not done anything illegal. This all happened in 2007. There is a complete video of the entire incident posted because there was a cameraman with the journalist. It is absolutely clear he was on a public sidewalk and did not attempt to actually enter the school. The gun was concealed, he had a permit which allowed him to have it legally right next to the school but not on school grounds. The gun was not the reason for the arrest. It is a clear case of police exceeding their authority because they wanted the TV crew across the street. Your mention of Jeff Weinsier’s case is supposed to be an example of violence or threatened violence by journalists. You are so far off the mark here I can only think that you just read a brief story mentioning the arrest and never looked into it further. I really don’t know who you are or what your views are but just that undermines your credibility in my book.

    1. Aldestrawk,
      What was Weinsier’s motivation for carrying a concealed weapon on a public sidewalk next to a high school in the first place? Just curious, did you bother to read the rest of the examples cited by Iowahawk, or just cherry pick? The rest of the examples in the article are a mattter of public record. If you have a beef, you can always contact Iowahawk at his website. By the way, I own a Browning .380 semi-auto. I advocate the 2nd Amendment. Iowahawk’s article simply points to the assortment of moonbats who occupy the MSM.
      To base credibility on just one example instead of the accumulated reports of documented crimes, smacks of cherry picking. Care to research the rest, or just not bother to look any further? What’s the reason you focused on just that one particular article?
      I really don’t care that you have your panties in a wad over one incomplete citation, but as I said, you are more than welcome to take it up with the originator of the article.

      SFC MAC

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