Iran Made Britain an Offer it Refused

Britain has revealed that, when British troops were under heavy attack in southern Iraq in 2006-7, Iran offered to stop these attacks if Britain would stop trying to halt Iran’s nuclear weapons program. During that period, 27 British soldiers were killed, and hundreds of attacks were carried out. Iran was paying over a thousand of Iraqi Shia Arabs about $300 a month to carry out the attacks on the British troops. Britain refused the Iranian offer, and eventually the attacks stopped because British and Iraqi troops killed or arrested most of the terrorists. British and American special operations forces also began working inside Iran, and it was Iran that was persuaded to back off.

The British have bent over backwards to accomodate the radical muslim elements within their territory in everything from political correctness, to allowing Sharia Law to creep into their judicial system by permitting its use to ‘resolve disputes among Muslims’ in preference over English law. Some of their MPs declared that Britain should ‘reconcile’ with groups like Hamas, and the British government will air ads on Pakistani television urging terrorists to ‘pretty please’ not attack Britain.
Given the rampant Dhimmification taking place in Britain, I’m surprised they didn’t take them up on the offer.

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