‘Irregular Warfare Strategist’, Sebastian Gorka, Thinks ISIS Can be Defeated Through Social Media

From Fox News.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka appeared on “Fox and Friends” today to discuss how we can win the propaganda battle against radical Islam and counter the recruitment tools used by terror groups like ISIS.

Gorka, author of “Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War,” pointed out that ISIS, in particular, has a huge range of media products, from incredibly active social media accounts to the English-language magazine “Dabiq.”

“They’re crushing it on social media,” Gorka said. “They are basically providing very short enticing messages of why to be a holy warrior, how you have to attack the infidel.”


He thinks a counter-propaganda campaign will somehow stop the flood of muzzies to the jihad. How quaint.

Screw that, how about killing them and winning the war?? I don’t call what we’ve been doing since 9/11, “fighting a war”.  Every Islamofascist nation-state in the Middle East should have been leveled. I was in Iraq twice. MOABS and neutron bombs would have ended everything quickly.

‘A War of the Mind’.?  I was in Psyops before I got into Intel and counter-terrorism, and this approach won’t work with muzzie zealots. Their minds are locked in a 7th Century screed written by an ideological wackjob, who proscribed the atrocities they carry out.

A link to the conversation I had with Gorka on Twitter, HERE.

Good luck with that ‘hearts and minds’ approach. I’d rather kill ’em all and let allah sort ’em out.

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