IRS Apologizes for Targeting Patriotic Anti-Obama Conservative Groups in 2012

How nice. The IRS admits it’s a jackbooted outfit.

From Breitbart.

On Friday, the IRS apologized for singling out conservative groups, especially organizations that had “Tea Party” or “Patriot” in their names, for additional reviews during the 2012 election.

……Lois Lerner, who “heads the IRS unit that overseas tax-exempt groups,” said such groups were targeted and scrutinized excessively to see if they were in violation of their tax-exempt status.

At a conference in Washington, Lerner “said organizations that included the words ‘tea party’ or ‘patriot’ in their applications for tax-exempt status” were targeted by IRS workers in Cincinnati and conceded it was wrong.

“The IRS would like to apologize for that,” said Lois Lerner, the chief IRS official in charge of tax-exempt organizations

“That was wrong,” said Lerner. “That was absolutely incorrect, it was insensitive and it was inappropriate. That’s not how we go about selecting cases for further review.”

The IRS harassment of conservative groups was not politically motivated, claims the IRS. Furthermore, Lerner says the practice of targeting conservatives was done without the knowledge of top IRS officials and was the work of lower-level staff in Cincinatti.

The revelation stands in stark contrast to past proclamations from IRS officials. “There’s absolutely no targeting,” said IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman last year.

……The Tea Party Patriots rejected the IRS apology. In a press release Friday afternoon, the group called for a direct apology from Barack Obama, and for a congressional investigation:

“The IRS has demonstrated the most disturbing, illegal and outrageous abuse of government power,” said Jenny Beth Martin, National Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots. “This deliberate targeting and harassment of tea party groups reaches a new low in illegal government activity and overreach. It is suspicious that the activity of these ‘low-level workers’ was unknown to IRS leadership at the time it occurred. President Obama must also apologize for his administration ignoring repeated complaints by these broad grassroots organizations of harassment by the IRS in 2012, and make concrete and transparent steps today to ensure this never happens again. We reject a simple apology that does nothing to alleviate the danger of this happening again. Only immediate and public actions on the part of the IRS and the president will suffice.

“We demand the immediate resignation of all complicit in this activity and insist Congress investigate.”

“Not politically motivated”.  What a lot of horseshit.

From a previous post:

Wanna bet Media Matters didn’t get put through the IRS ringer or asked if they “have a close relationship with any candidate for public office or political party”?

David Brock’s organization is directly involved with the Obama regime and receives government funding. It also feeds political talking points to leftwing main stream media.

The Tea Party scares the living shit out of leftwing government effetes. We’re ordinary Americans stand who up to them and the junior jesus in the White House. We demand that they actually respect us and the Constitution.  We’re vocal about it and we organize with other Americans who share the same values.

Screw you, IRS. An apology isn’t enough. If you weren’t backed by a corrupt DOJ and a Marxist SCOAMF in the White House who wields government agencies like a billy club, there might be a slim chance for justice against your lawlessness.
Unfortunately, you have nothing to worry about.

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