Islamic States Want to Set Up Their Own ‘Human Rights Body’

This is a joke, right?

A bloc of the world’s Islamic states, which has been accused of undermining human rights at the United Nations, is planning to establish its own “independent human rights commission.”
The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the 57-nation bloc of Muslim nations at the U.N., held a conference Sunday at its headquarters in Saudi Arabia to discuss the plan.
OIC Secretary-General Eklemeddin Ihsanoglu in a speech stressed that “human rights and man’s dignity are an integral part of Islam and core components of Islamic culture and heritage,” according to an OIC statement.

Isn’t that something? They took time away from their busy schedule of ‘honor killings’, beheadings, forced marriages between slimy old men and young adolescent girls, bombing and attacking ‘infidels’, and oppressing other religions, just to put together a ‘human rights’ commission. That’s mighty nice of ’em.

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