Islamo-nut father kills daughter for refusing to wear Hijab

Score another one for the ‘peaceful, tolerant’ religion of Islam:

Toronto, Canada–
The 16-year-old Mississauga girl who was allegedly strangled by her father in a dispute over her refusal to wear the hijab has died.
Aqsa Parvez, a Grade 11 student at Applewood Heights, succumbed to her injuries late last night, Peel Regional Police said today.
The girl’s 57-year-old father, Muhammad Parvez, has been charged with muder. Aqsa’s 26-year-old brother, Waqas Parvez, has been charged with obstructing police.
Friends believe Aqsa (seen above in a personal photo) was the victim of a dispute over the teenager’s desire to be more western.
“She wanted to live her life the way she wanted to, not the way her parents wanted her to,” classmate Krista Garbhet told the Post this morning.
“She just wanted to be herself, honestly she just wanted to show her beauty, and not be pushed around by her parents telling her what she has to be like, what she has to do. Nobody would want to do that.”
An announcement broadcast at the school, near Bloor Street and Cawthra Road this morning, confirmed Aqsa’s death.
School officials described her as an energetic, well-liked student.
“Peel Police are investigating Aqsa’s death. It’s natural to want answers about why this tragedy occurred, but we really don’t have any of those answers yet. So it’s important to avoid speculation or rumours. If you do have first-hand information that you think is relevant to this case, you can speak with one of the teachers or counsellors, or with office staff,” one school official told students.
A memorial with a photograph of Aqsa and book of dedication was set up in the school’s main foyer.
Grief counsellors are available to support shocked classmates. A flag outside the school has been lowered in memory of the girl.


The violence had been escalating:

Ebonie Mitchell, 16, another friend of the victim, said the conflict with her father over wearing Islamic dress came to a head at the beginning of this school year. “She just wanted to dress like we do,” she said.

“Last year she wore like the Islamic stuff and everything, the hijab, and this year she’s all Western. She just wanted to look like everyone else. And I guess her dad had a problem with that.”

Ebonie said her friend had left home once before, in September, for about two weeks. She returned home, but the fights with her family over what she wore just got worse.

Dominiquia, 16, said her friend had been arguing with her father for more than a year over the restrictions he imposed on her, including demanding that she wear the hijab at all times. “She wanted to go out with her friends, hang out and just be like a normal person,” she said. “But he was always trying to control her … he wouldn’t let her go out or do anything.”

The stricken girl’s friends said the fights with her father got so bad that she had left the family home to live with friends about a week ago. “She was going back, but just to get her stuff,” said friend Krista Garbutt. “She was scared to go home, but she had to get her clothes and stuff.”


How many atrocities by muslim miscreants have to happen before the collective Western civilization gets it? Since this happened in Canada, the little tyrant won’t get the death penalty he deserves. The rest of the family deserves some prison time as well. The son, for participating in the abuse, and the mindless doormat of a mother, for not defending her own child.

Gotta love how the muslims bring their “traditions” with them to the new world.

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