Israeli Soldier Returned in Exchange for Over 1000 Islamic Terrorists

Not to bust Israel’s chops, but they just increased the threat to their national security by over 1000 Hamas muslim shitbags.

Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, gaunt and frail-looking after five years of captivity in the Gaza Strip, returned to Israel Tuesday morning to a hero’s welcome and was reunited with his family.

His release by the militant Palestinian group Hamas launched a prisoner swap that ultimately will include the release of 1,027 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails. A total of 477 prisoners were freed Tuesday, after Shalit was returned to Israel.

Shalit showed signs of malnutrition and lack of exposure to sunlight but was otherwise healthy, doctors found during an examination.

“I missed my family very much,” he said before he was turned over to Israeli authorities. “I hope this deal will promote peace between Israel and the Palestinians.” Visibly uncomfortable, his breathing labored as he struggled to answer questions in the presence of armed Hamas militants, Shalit spoke in an interview with Egyptian television that was heavily criticized in Israel.

……Noam Shalit said his son “feels good” despite a number of small injuries, including shrapnel wounds dating from his capture, that were never treated properly. He confirmed that his son also suffers from a lack of sunlight but said he now will “get the treatment he needs from the Israeli Defense Forces” as he undergoes “a process of rehabilitation” aimed at getting him back to a normal life.

……Shalit, now 25, was 19 years old when he was seized by Hamas militants who had tunneled under the border between Gaza and Israel. The campaign to free him drew support from across Israel, despite anguish over the decision to release of hundreds of Palestinians convicted of planning or carrying out attacks against Israeli civilians.
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True to form, the released terrorists promised to pick up where they left off.

And lookie here, a rundown on the Hamas exchange prisoners.   

According to the deal Netanyahu has accepted, Hamas is to release Shalit today; simultaneously Israel will release a first wave of 477 Palestinian prisoners. A second, even larger group, will be freed in two months. Just who are these prisoners?

They include the perpetrators of some of the most ghastly terrorist attacks of recent years: Brutal killers like Abd al-Aziz Salehi, who gleefully displayed his blood-soaked hands to a cheering Ramallah crowd in 2000 after lynching two Israelis and mutilating their bodies. Like Ibrahim Yunis, mastermind of a 2003 cafe bombing that left seven innocents dead, including an American-born doctor and his 20-year-old daughter on the eve of her wedding. Like Ahlam Tamimi, a Palestinian television personality who boasts of her role in organizing the 2001 bombing of a pizzeria in downtown Jerusalem, in which 15 people were killed, seven of them children.

To read the descriptions of the prisoners being released is to be reminded in gruesome detail of the unremitting savagery of Israel’s worst enemies, and of the horrors they are prepared to commit in their bid to destroy the Jewish state. It is also to be reminded that Israel has done this before – and that the results have invariably been disastrous.

Time and again Israel has agreed to free hundreds of violent terrorists in order to bring home one or two or three captured Israeli soldiers. And time and again it has done so knowing that many of those set free will go right back to trying to kill Jews.

One of the Palestinians being released today, for example, is Musab Hashlemon, who was given 17 life sentences for a Beersheba massacre he planned in 2004. That massacre occurred just months after an earlier prisoner exchange in which 435 Palestinians went free – Hashlemon among them. The Jerusalem Post, citing the Almagor Terror Victims Association, noted last week that 183 Israelis have died since 2004 in attacks carried out by terrorists who were previously released. How many more Israelis will now die because the political pressure to bring Shalit home – at any price – was more than the Israeli government could resist?
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Golda Meir is spinning in her grave. Here’s a better idea: Lob 1,027 Hellfire missiles at high value targets in Gaza.   That’ll  produce better results.

2 thoughts on “Israeli Soldier Returned in Exchange for Over 1000 Islamic Terrorists”

  1. Down with Israel. IDF = terrorism.
    Palestine forever. Free Palestine!

    Many Israeli Jews, like myself, hate Zionism.
    Many times in history when Jews were in danger, out Muslim brothers provided to us shelters, many times over.

    Israel = An army with a nation, not a nation with an army.

    Turn off your TV.

    1. Hey weez,

      Maybe you could join Hamas and show them how it’s done. Not that they need your advice on how to kill Jews. Gawd knows they’ve got lots of expertise. In case you don’t know by now, the “Palestinians” and muslims you so lovingly refer to as “brother” would love to see Israel wiped off the map. That includes you, sweetpea. If Mahmoud Ahmadinejad starts lobbing missiles at Tel Aviv, you may sing a different tune. He’s supporting Hamas, by the way..

      I don’t need to watch T.V. to know about the muslims’ anti-Semitic, anti-Western jihad. They killed 3000 people in America, remember? I’m a retired Army Sergeant First Class, intelligence analyst, counter terrorism analyst, and Iraq war veteran. I got the experience up close and personal.

      Being a self-hating Jew is no way to go through life.

      SFC MAC

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