It’s Been About 28 Months, Does Anyone Know Where B. Hussein is?

Some good points by Betsy M. Galliher at The American Thinker:

Yesterday was Sunday. Where was your commander-in-chief?

A. Defending Israel in the week of her birth by denouncing Syria’s brazen invasion of her border?

B. Recognizing Bush’s role in our successes in the war on terror?

C. Touring even one area of natural devastation: Louisiana, Texas, or Mississippi?

D. Attending church, even if only to pray for comprehensive immigration reform before 2012?

E. Denouncing NLRB members in their never-ending quest of the destruction of the private sector?

F. Meeting with the unemployed of the Gulf Coast to speed domestic oil production?

G. At the Southern border cutting the ribbon on his latest shovel-ready, border securing, moat-digging project?

H. Meeting with the widows of slain cops?

I. Or, on the golf course for the 7th straight week – a record-breaking 68th round since assuming office?

If you correctly answered “I,” you are likely an eyes-wide-open conservative type who understands that Presidential behavior in the most perilous of times defines a Presidency.

If you answered “A” through “H,” you overestimate your commander-in-chief at your own peril.

When the going gets tough,the ‘tough’ get going to the golf course.

When he gets kicked out of office in 2012, he’ll be ready for the PGA.

1 thought on “It’s Been About 28 Months, Does Anyone Know Where B. Hussein is?”

  1. butt neckid

    just think of how many more rounds of golf he’ll have played at the end of his second term…lots!!!!

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