It’s Our Fault That Obama is an Epic Fail Because We the People Just Don’t Get His Awesomeness

Suitable for The Onion, but published at the Daily Beast, instead.

Charles Fried laments that THE ONE is entirely too good for his subjects.

……Where can we find leadership that fits today’s circumstances, as Obama’s cool, rational approach and clear-headed rhetoric apparently do not?

……Politics these days is no occupation for an educated man, a man of character. Ignorance and total lousiness are better. Don’t jettison such god-given advantages.

The rest of the maudlin shit is here:

I thought that I had read just about every piece of indignant tripe from the Left, but Fried’s tear-soaked pathos is a classic.

Mere mortals should be groveling at this god’s feet.

2012 cannot come soon enough.

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