James O’Keefe Exposes the Capitalist Side of ‘Occupy’ Communists

James O’Keefe, of ACORN-busting fame, has produced a new video. He posed as a Wall Street banker and got some pretty interesting and revealing responses from some of the “Occupy” idiots.

One protester wants the ‘investment banker’ to finance his interests (the issuance of bonds to form a corporation) to the tune of billions of dollars. Later, he clarifies his statement: “I didn’t necessarily say that I was a fan of capitalism, I said we’ll make money.”

Another says that Amalgamated Bank has made donations to the protests. When O’Keefe tells him, That’s great you’ve got some big money behind this”, the protester responds: “Well you have a start up, you try to attract capital….”We’re making money.”

Well, if the job application posted by the “Working Families Party” on Craigslist is any indication, lots of these “anti-capitalist” occupiers will be making lots of capitalist dough.

I don’t know what their tactics are called in communist lingo, but in capitalism, it’s called a hustle.

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