Japan is in Flames, the Middle East is in the Throes of Chaos, the Economy and National Security is in Shambles…Time to go Golfing!

It’s all about him.

President Obama is spending this cool and cloudy Saturday afternoon playing a round of golf at Joint Base Andrews Naval Air Facility in Maryland.

Obama’s playing partners for the day are Ben Finkenbinder, a White House press office staffer, Marvin Nicholson, the president’s trip director, and David Katz, a Department of Energy staffer.

This is the second consecutive Saturday golf outing for the foursome.

The community organizer has spent more time loafing on the golf course than any other president in history.
Here he is yukking it up while Rome burns:

“And for all those who think I golf too much, let me be clear. I’m not spending time on the golf course — I’m investing time on the golf course. (Laughter.)”
—B. Hussein Obama from his Gridiron Club speech

The estimated death toll of the Japan earthquake stands at 10,000. The Middle East—thanks to despotic Islamic leaders and the Muslim Brotherhood—is going from bad to worse. The price of gas is approaching 4 bucks a gallon. The national debt has exceeded $14 trillion. Our borders still leak like sieves. Muslim terrorists, homegrown and imported, are treated with kid gloves by the idiot in charge of the DHS, who thinks Iraq War veterans and Tea Party patriots are a bigger “threat”.

But there’s always time to “invest” on the links.

A special fuck you to all the liberal morons who foisted this worthless sack of shit into the most important office in the world. Hope you’re happy.

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