Jay Carney to Press: Stop Asking About Obama’s Campaigning

But according to the White House Deputy Secretary, Obama is officially finished with governing and is now in campaign mode.

Obama’s spokesman rebuked reporters for asking too many questions about the presidential campaign, as he implied that the journalists ought not challenge the idea that Obama is focused on governing, not his reelection.

“You guys get that you’re totally obsessed with campaign politics now, right, even though he doesn’t have a primary contest?”  White House Press Secretary said during the press briefing. Carney had faced a series of questions about Obama’s recent campaign fundraisers. “[Obama] spends a relatively small amount of tme, at this stage, on campaign events,” Carney said.

“How can you continue to present this image that [Obama] is just focused on governing — and the campaign is only a small part — when he’s holding fundraisers left and right?” Fox News’ Ed Henry had asked earlier in the briefing. “Can’t you also admit that he spends a significant amount of time campaigning?” Henry asked, noting that Obama has held 10 fundraisers in the last two weeks.

Carney told Henry that “that’s the nature of the campaign.” He maintained that Obama had spent a relatively small portion of his time on campaigning, adding that the lack of a primary challenger allowed the president to focus on governing.

That’s the SOP for Obama officials; put whipped cream on a shit sandwich.

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