Jeh Johnson’s Amnesia: Who’s Kate Steinle?

She didn’t look like Trayvon, Michael Brown, or Freddie Gray. She’s just a white victim of an illegal alien. Therefore, her heinous murder at the hands of a 5x deported Mexican thug, can’t be used for political points.

From Fox News.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson could not say Tuesday whether the Obama administration was reaching out to the family of the young woman killed earlier this month on a San Francisco pier, by an illegal immigrant.

During a Capitol Hill hearing, the DHS secretary even sought clarification when questioned about the high-profile case.

Asked by Rep. Steve Chabot, R-Ohio, if the administration had reached out to the Steinle family, Johnson initially said: “To who?” 

Chabot clarified he was talking about Kathryn Steinle, 32, who was killed in San Francisco, allegedly by an illegal immigrant who had a lengthy felony record and had been deported several times before.

Asked again if the administration was reaching out, Johnson said: “I’m sorry, I don’t know the answer to that question, sir.”

Chabot urged Johnson to check, and he said he would.

The Steinle family, though, maintains that nobody from the administration has reached out to them, ever since their daughter’s death re-ignited a national debate over so-called sanctuary city policies and immigration enforcement. Murder suspect Francisco Sanchez had been in San Francisco custody but was released in April.

Speaking with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, Kathryn’s brother Brad Steinle said “nobody” from the White House or administration has reached out.

“We have not heard a word,” he said, adding: “I wish somebody would reach out to us.”

The poor man actually expects Obama to care.

Johnson also resists the idea of forcing the “sanctuary cities” to follow federal law and arrest illegals for deportation.  Illegal aliens are a protected class. If Obama gets rid of 11 million illegal aliens, that might put a dent in the Dem voting bloc.

And we can’t have that.

Obama won’t pick up the phone to call the families of anyone not included in his list of priorities.

The families of the victims of Fast and Furious and Benghazi never got his condolences, but he’ll give sympathy to the families of terrorists and dead rappers, and he’ll call gay NBA players , and gay NFL players  to congratulate their “look at me” publicity stunts.

His heroes are racists, gays, and criminals.

Kate Steinle is collateral damage.



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3 thoughts on “Jeh Johnson’s Amnesia: Who’s Kate Steinle?”

  1. just saying

    Of course not. White America is only important in paying the bill for the rest. A few dead here and there, no biggie. Yet, a minority vote being taken away is a tragedy. Obama and liberal media showed their true colors long ago. No mention in the senseless death of the white kid killed by a black neighborhood watch man in 2010 Roderick Scott killed Christopher Cirvini. He spoke up for trayvon Martin though. Yet, 8 days before Martin’s death, No mention of Denton ward being murdered by at least 20 Blacks in a crowd of 400 (they could have been Obama’s sons or daughters) for the crime of being white. Of course no mention of the thousands of rapes by illegals in NC. No speaking at Chris Kyle’s funeral, even though he was killed trying to help veterans while Obama’s America could not care less.

  2. Obama won’t comment on Kate Steinle’s murder – apparently by a repeatedly deported illegal alien – because she is white and the perp is an illegal immigrant and the whole story is counterproductive to Obama’s agenda to reduce, change, and destroy what America used to be.

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