Jim Moran (D-VA) Shows Off His People Skills

Via Ed Morrissey at Hot Air.

That headline is a little more fair than the suggestions that came to me this morning on a clip from a town-hall meeting held by Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) last night, in which the Congressman loses his cool with a constituent for interrupting him. Moran raises his voice when the veteran interrupts his answer and offers him a choice to either sit down or leave so that Moran can finish. I’m not sure that I’d say Moran yelled at the man, as some claim — and in truth, the real issue is in Moran’s answer, not his delivery.

It’s certainly not a highlight reel for Moran’s concept of constituent services, but running a town-hall meeting does require a little decorum. The problem is that Moran’s the one who disrupted it. Moran’s contempt shines through right from the moment he begins speaking, saying, “And if you served your country in the military for 27 years, I thank you for that service, sir.” Is it so unusual to find a military veteran in Moran’s district that his gratitude has to come with a qualifier? Does Moran employ the qualifier for veterans who ask questions along the lines of “How can you be so totally awesome and humble at the same time?” He then insults the constituent by claiming that his question was “caustic” rather than “legitimate,” prompting the veteran to interrupt — and Moran to act like an old schoolmarm when he does.

……The real question that Moran should answer isn’t why he was off the clock last night. It’s why he and his 77-seat Democratic majority couldn’t bother to pass a budget when they had all year to do it, and full control of Washington DC.  Heck, you could even ask that question nicely, and I’m pretty sure Moran would react in his predictably irritable manner.

Another miltary veteran-turned-defense-contractor, called out Moran for his deliberate side-stepping on the budget and his disrespect toward constituents:

Moran, like many of his Dem collegues, has a nasty habit of insulting and degrading anyone who questions his motives, performance, and ideology. He reserves special animosity towards military veterans in particular, and considers them to be a threat to his bloated, arrogant self esteem.

Moran’s history of loony behavior and thuggery at this site: http://retirejimmoran.com/

Some examples:

Moran blames the Iraq War on Jews

Two and a half weeks before American and international forces invaded Iraq in March 2003 to oust dictator Saddam Hussein, Jim Moran told an audience of anti-war constituents in Reston, VA that “If it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community for this war with Iraq, we would not be doing this. The leaders of the Jewish community are influential enough that they could change the direction of where this is going, and I think they should.”

Moran accuses eight-year-old boy of attempted carjacking

In April 2000, Jim Moran accused a black eight-year-old boy at a recreational center parking lot of trying to take his car keys and of threatening to shoot him and steal his campaign-subsidized car (since he apparently couldn’t afford his own despite the $141,300 congressional salary for 2000-2001 he received, not to mention the lifetime health benefits Congress has given itself).

According to the boy’s parents, the boy was merely admiring Moran’s car, a 1999 Toyota Avalon, and told him he liked it. The boy told the Washington Times, “He choked me and then cussed at me. I thought he was going to kidnap or kill me…All I told him was that I liked his car.” Moran responded, “It’s all lies.”

Several witnesses reported seeing a “beet-red” Moran yelling and cursing at the boy as he escorted him into the recreational center.

The boy’s mother said he was a straight-A student at school. His mom filed an official complaint against Moran. Moran responded by criticizing the mom’s parenting: “I had hoped that this boy would learn that this is not acceptable behavior…But if the parents are not going to teach him that this is not acceptable behavior, then maybe the courts will.”
……Moran said, “I just wanted to hug him. I wish I could adopt a child like him.”

Yeah, so he could show off his “parenting skills”.

In 2006, Moran was talking about the Democrats’ chances of taking the House in 2006 (which they did) when he exclaimed, “When I become chairman [of a House appropriations subcommittee], I’m going to earmark the shit out of it.”

Moran, a former amateur boxer, told Washingtonian magazine that had he not gone into politics, he might have continued in boxing. “I like to hit people,” he said.

He sure does:

As mayor of Alexandria, Moran got into a bar fight in 1988. Jay Armington, who was involved in the incident, said, “He and another guy went from arguing to shouting to fists in just a few minutes. One of my buddies pulled the other guy away and I grabbed the mayor.” Moran wheeled around and slammed him against the bar. “His cheeks were bulging and he was snorting like a bull,” Armington said. “I realized I was looking into the eyes of a madman.”

Arne Wilkens tended the bar while Moran was mayor from 1985-1990 and says Moran frequently got into fights there. “He was a bully and a thug,” Wilkens said. “We’d call the cops, but they wouldn’t do anything.”

Johnathan Schnapp, a former Alexandria resident, said he tried to file a criminal complaint against Mayor Moran after Moran threatened him following an argument at outside a city council meeting, but the police wouldn’t do anything to the mayor.

Several Alexandria police officers have admitted privately that if Moran was an “ordinary citizen”, his behavior would have led to arrests. “The mayor was clearly guilty of assault on one occasion,” one officer said, speaking anonymously out of fear for his job. “But the word came down. The mayor was off limits. Ordinary citizens go to jail. But not the mayor.”

In 1999, police were called to Moran’s residence by his wife Mary of 11 years who said he was attacking her. The police came, talked to both of them, and left. Mary Moran filed for divorce shortly thereafter, saying Moran abused her.

According to the Almanac of American Politics, “He jousted — literally — with … Republicans, shoving Californian Duke Cunningham off the floor and out of the House chamber doors in 1995 after Cunningham said that Moran had ‘turned his back on Desert Storm.’” He had asked Cunningham to step outside. Cunningham hesitated, then moved towards the double door on the Republican side of the House chamber. Moran shoved Cunningham from behind with one hand and then two. The incident also involved Reps. Bob Dornan (R-CA) and George Miller (D-CA). More than a dozen police officers had to break them up.

One of these days, he’s going to mess with the wrong person, and he’ll get knocked on his ass. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet.

Moran is not averse to accepting donations from Islamic terrorists:

In 2003, Moran received $11,450 in campaign contributions from three officers of Muslim organizations that were raided by federal agents in an investigation of terrorism financing. Moran originally refused to return them, but eventually did.

More at the link: http://retirejimmoran.com/morans-greatest-hits/

Flinging the race card for the benefit of Islamofascists:

And yet Virginia keeps putting this mentally unstable douchebag back in office.

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