Karma: BLM Thug Killed in Carjacking

Wanna bet the perp was black?


Black Lives Matter activist, who led protests following the death of Breonna Taylor at the hands of the Louisville Police Department, was shot and killed during a recent carjacking, according to his mother.

On Monday, Nov. 23, Hamza “Travis” Nagdy was identified as the victim of a shooting that occurred during a carjacking on Crittenden Drive in Louisville, Kentucky. The known activist was reportedly “struck by multiple bullets,” according to Democracy Now.

While very few details about the shooting have been released, Louisville Metro Police spokesman Matt Sanders did confirm that Nagdy was transported to the University of Louisville Hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries, reports USA Today.


The BLM thugs have a criminal history and their contribution to the violence is on par with ISIS.

And about Breonna Taylor:

1. The officers were serving a search warrant

2. They knocked and announced themselves

3. Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, a known drug dealer, opened fire on the cops, wounding one of them.

4. The cops fired back in self-defense.

5. Sucks to be her.



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