Keith Ellison: Congressional Jihadist

Minnessota’s Islamofascist muslim Congressman is at it again.
Keith Ellison, (D) Minnessota, gave a speech at the National Conference for Media Reform that would make Ayman al Zawahiri burst with fascist pride.

The gist of his “message” is that the United States is an “imperial power” and that we should get rid of “hate radio” and Fox news.

Link to the video:

Hell, if we really wanted to be an “imperial power” Japan, Germany, Italy, Iraq, and Afghanistan (for starters) would have been annexed as U.S. territories, whether they liked it or not.

As for hate, the New York Times and the NBC-ABC-CBS-PBS-MSNBC-CNN conglomerate, practice anti-American hate on a daily basis, and refuse to redact any of it. For instance, Keith Olbermann, MSNBC’s braying jackass, regurgitiates some of the most vile, acrid filth ever against this country and the military.

And as for ‘getting rid of hate media’, Islamic jihadist ‘death to America’ websites and videos are usually shut down only after YouTube and whatever internet service provider they have, gets slammed by outraged citizens.

Websites like DailyKos, HuffPo, and the Democratic Underground, spew visceral pro-Islamic crap all the time. The CIA has yet to drag any of them off the internet and into GITMO, although it wouldn’t break my heart if they did.

Ellison wants free speech for like-minded nihilists; not for those who expose their malfeasance.

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