Kimberlin Fail: False Charges Against Aaron Walker Dropped

Great news!


Brett Kimberlin, convicted terrorist and serial litigator, has mounted a campaign of malicious harrassment and litigation against bloggers who mention what is already a matter of public record; his criminal activities, terrorist acts, and leftwingnut political extremism. 

His modus operandi involves frivolous lawsuits against critics, claiming persecution and defamation.  Considering Kimberlin’s despicable character, it would be very difficult to defame.  The latest  from Kimberlin involves more of the same shit.  He’s a sick, sociopathic little crapweasel and his cohorts are just as mentally ill.

Aaron Walker, author of the blog  Allergic to Bull, was sued by Kimberlin for blogging about his crimes, framed by Kimberlin with trumped up ‘assault’ charges, and subsequently arrested for ‘violating a peace order’.

From Michelle Malkin.

A free speech win this morning…perfectly timed for the Right Online conference, where thousands of bloggers and activists (self included) are gathering to celebrate and defend our 1st amendment rights. Still a long fight ahead on many fronts, but this is terrific news (via the Court of Maryland case search database):

“Nolle Prosequi” means “do not prosecute”/”unwilling to pursue.

Domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin and his merry band of serial litigant thugs got a bit of a setback.

Though the “violation” charge was dropped, there’s stil an unconstitutional “peace order” hanging over Aaron’s head. But I strongly suspect that will get shitcanned as well.

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