Largest ‘Black Lives Matter’ Site Run by White Male in Australia

The real ‘Black Lives Matter’ thugs and guilt-ridden white liberals were scammed.

From the Washington Examiner

The largest Facebook page associated with the Black Lives Matter movement has turned out to be a scam with ties to a middle-aged white man in Australia, according to an investigation of the page.

The fraudulent page, titled “Black Lives Matter,” brought in over $100,000 that supposedly went to the movement, but a CNN review of the page’s associated accounts and websites found that some of the money at the least was transferred to Australian bank accounts.

Payment services, like PayPal and Patreon, suspended or completely removed themselves from the fundraising campaigns through the fake Facebook page.

The page, which was suspended by Facebook after being contacted by CNN, had 700,000 followers on the social media platform, over twice the amount of followers the official Black Lives Matter page has.

Since the suspension of the page and investigation into its validity, the Facebook page posing as being associated with BLM was taken down by an administrator of the page.

The group consistently links back to websites associated with a man named Ian Mackay, who is a National Union of Workers official in Australia.

Mackay and another official have been suspended from the National Union of Workers, a spokesperson for the union said Tuesday.

“[The union] is not involved in and has not authorized any activities with reference to claims made in CNN’s story,” National Secretary Tim Kennedy said in a statement.


Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of shitbags.

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