“Learning and Labor”

Oberlin Ohio is located about 35 miles south of Cleveland and its college namesake has all the ambiance of Berkeley. Yeah, like the one in California. In that vein, the Class of 2007 wore “non traditional” attire, as demonstrated by one young lady dressed like a sixties flower child:

Commencement Speaker Connie Shultz, journalist and wife of Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown, made the gratuitous Democratic gesture of a “moment of silence” for veterans, then proceeded to get down to the business of injecting anti-war politics into her speech.
Said she to the graduates:

“You’re entering a world which we’ve royally screwed up for you, and I’m sorry for that. But because I know you are better than you think you are, I am filled with hope.”

She did the perfunctory PR about the plight of the middle and working class while decrying U.S. policy in the war against Islamic terrorism.

Ok, first of all, who’s “we” and why the pessimistic reference about the world? This planet has never been a hospitable place 100% percent of the time. If she wants to take the blame for a “screwed up world”, be my guest. But I can tell her this: the reason she and her fellow anti-war mates are able to stand before a graduating class of like-minded leftist ditto heads, is because the veterans she so briefly honored stand between freedom and tyrants who want to take it away and replace it with something not conducive to their way of life.

If Ms. Schultz thinks that this new generation is “better than they think they are”, let’s see what they do for their families, their communities and their country before we get our hopes up.
Every successive group of graduates has a sense of enthusiasm and hope tempered by a bit of trepidation and reality.

From what I’ve seen on my almost 50 years on this earth, we Americans have it pretty good. Our standard of living is among the world’s best and even the poorest among us has a tax-payer working-class funded government dole.

And speaking of “royally screwed”, this particular crop of Congressional and Senatorial Democrats are some of the most mentally and emotionally unstable politicians, ever. Once known as the ‘loyal opposition’, they have morphed into a gang of disloyal collaborators. Their disdain for George W. Bush and the war against Islamic despots overrides any possibility of a unified, bi-partisan effort for the defense of the United States. Domestically, they are elitist poufs who manipulate the unionized working class, the poor, and minorities into believing that in spite of the stark contrast between their  lifestyles and their constituents, they really care. (wink,wink)

Now that the Democrats run amok, we shall see how the “cut and run” strategy, sympathy for terrorists, and lax attitude toward illegals and national security pans out.

As long as there are American citizens and Soldiers guarding this country from despicable enemies, Schultz should keep her mea culpas to herself.

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