Leftards Turn on the Social Media Charm Over Child’s ‘Make a Wish’ Dream

Remember, it’s supposed to be Republicans who are heartless.

The renowned Make a Wish Foundation brought some joy into a kid’s heart by making his dream of being Batman for a day come true.

Five year old Miles Scott, who has battled leukemia for much of his young life, got a real treat from the city of San Fransisco.

A 5-year-old Northern California boy who has battled leukemia for years became a darling of social media and attracted thousands of fans at home and around the country  as he took on the persona of his favorite superhero.

Dressed in Batman’s signature cape and mask, Miles Scott faced foe after foe around San Francisco on Friday, drawing huge crowds and fulfilling his greatest wish in the process.

……Batkid was called into service by Police Chief Greg Suhr and spent the day zooming from one “crime scene” to the next. Accompanied by an adult Batman impersonator, Batkid rescued a damsel in distress from cable car tracks, captured the Riddler as he robbed a bank, and saved the San Francisco Giants mascot — Lou Seal — from the Penguin’s clutches.

Miles was able to fulfill his wish through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the city and volunteers who stepped forward to help.

Batkid had a police escort worthy of a dignitary as he sped around the city in a black Lamborghini with Batman decals, with officers blocking traffic and riding alongside him on motorcycles.

“I think it might be the first time a Lamborghini had a booster seat,” said Patricia Wilson, the executive director for Make-a-Wish in the Greater Bay Area.

The crowds grew after each stop, reaching into the thousands by the time Miles got to Union Square for lunch at the Burger Bar atop Macy’s. Spectators climbed trees and clambered up lampposts, and police and organizers struggled to keep a path open for the motorcade, which drove past onlookers lining the streets six deep for several blocks.

The city and people from all over turned out to watch him rescue people in distress and fight off bad guys all day.


Of course, amid all of the generosity and goodwill for a brave kid, there’s always a few joy-sucking turds in the punchbowl.

Meet Erik Martin, who is living with liver cancer:

Erik becoming his own superhero, “Electron Boy” who has his own arch-nemesis “Dr. Dark“. Oh, and he saves Spider-Man, the city, as well as the Seattle Sounders.

Unlike liberals, Make a Wish Foundation is colorblind.

Catherine displays even more effete liberal snobbery, after the responses to her bat-shit stupid comments were less than enthusiastic.

Catherine ‏@shaketini 15 Nov 13
I’m drinking a latte, am I allowed to say it is delicious in a tweet?

Catherine ‏@shaketini 15 Nov 13
the teabaggers are mad and I’m all lol. Sadly, I don’t have time to engage anyone.

I have a message for the limousine liberal douchebag: Shove a big jar of Grey Poupon up your ass.

A lefting San Fransisco supervisor jumped on the bandwagon with this:

Leftie jackasses simply cannot help themselves. They have to inject race, “social justice”, or any one of a number of their politically tinged talking points into the conversation, even if it involves an act of kindness for a child.

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