Leftie Crazy Ed Schultz Bites the Dust at 64

From Breitbart

Ed Schultz, a veteran radio broadcaster and former show host for MNSBC and RT, has died at age 64, according to WDAY, a Fargo, ND, radio station where he was once an employee.

The station reports Schultz died of natural causes at his Detroit Lakes home.


Schultz was one of the biggest nutbags at MSNBC, and that’s saying a lot. He called prominent conservative author and pundit Laura Ingraham  a “rightwing slut” on the air.  He threatened to ‘torch’ MSNBC  because he wasn’t included in election night promos.

He railed against legislation designed to protect the religious liberty of Arizona’s business community, and suggested that police in Ferguson, Missouri be disarmed.


A montage of some of his meltdowns:



Good riddance, shitbag.

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