Leftwing Agitators Plan to ‘Infiltrate’ Tea Party


Levin was put on ‘paid leave’ by the Beaverton School District:

A state board will investigate whether a Beaverton teacher was on his own time or using state resources while he organized liberals to crash Oregon tea parties.

On Thursday, Jason Levin was put on paid leave by the Beaverton School District.

Levin has gotten national attention for a “Crash the Tea Party” Web site that called for opponents to infiltrate the events and behave outlandishly. That raised suspicion he was doing political work during schools hours.

Beaverton School District spokeswoman Maureen Wheeler confirmed Levin was placed on paid administrative leave as of Thursday while they conduct an internal investigation into his actions during work time.

When asked for what reasons, she said “we all know what it is.”

The Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission opened an investigation Wednesday.


BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I love it when a Leftard’s idiotic behavior bites ’em in the ass.

A good article from Morgan Richmond at Big Government, who dug up some interesting things about Levin, including his “Personal Political Manifesto”.

Richmond concluded:

……But take away his lunacy, with some of his beliefs he actually has as much in common with Tea Partiers as he does with liberal Democrats. I suspect much of his rancor is based on his apparent atheism, relativistic morality, and perhaps the fight over healthcare reform. I hate to break it to you Jason, but if you think a government-run health system is going to let you load up on weed and heroin to your heart’s content you are in for an unpleasant surprise.

Read the whole thing: http://bigjournalism.com/mrichmond/2010/04/14/tea-party-crasher-hides-personal-politico-manifesto-no-wonder/

Alinky’s Rules for Radicals applied.

Hat Tip to Michelle Malkin.

The one-year anniversary of the nationwide April 15 Tax Day Tea Party counterinsurgency is fast approaching — and publicity-seeking malefactors of all stripes want in on the spotlight.

Over the last week, conservative activists online have thoroughly exposed the loser behind an Internet call to “Crash the Tea Party.” His name is Jason Levin. To follow his trail, check Free Republic here, Canada Free Press here, and Velvet Hammer here. After failing to cover his tracks, Levin is now basking in the glow of attention on his tpartycrasher Twitter page and on his personal Twitter page…..

……Conservative blogs and talk radio have spread the word about possible shenanigans promoted by Levin, including this:

“We will act on behalf of the Tea Party in ways which exaggerate their least appealing qualities (misspelled protest signs, wild claims in TV interviews, etc.) to further distance them from mainstream America and damage the public’s opinion of them. We will also use the inside information that we have gained in order to disrupt and derail their plans.”

Levin registered his site under a phony name on April 3, 2010. He’s just the latest in a long line of left-wing leeches and anarchist clowns trying to discredit Tea Party activism and mask their roles as agents provocateur.

More here:

And here: http://michellemalkin.com/2010/04/14/denver-radicals-issue-tea-party-crash-call-cut-loose-and-let-these-racist-crackers-know-they-are-opposed/


……According to the article, Lewis was walking from the Cannon Office Building to the Capitol when protesters started shouting. According to Lewis, however, what they shouted was not a racial slur, but “Kill the bill, kill the bill.” If he heard anything more derogatory, he does not seem to have told Douglas about it.
Lewis, it should be noted, is no slouch when it comes to race-baiting. During the 2008 campaign, he compared the McCain-Palin campaign to that of “presidential candidate George Wallace,” whose comparable “atmosphere of hate” led to the fatal church bombing in Birmingham. So egregious were Lewis’s comments that McCain called on Obama to “condemn” them.
What is uncorroborated is whether Cleaver even heard a single person utter the slur in question. William Owens, a black Tea Party activist from Nevada who had joined in the protests, confirmed to FOXNews.com, “Never did I hear any type of racial slur.”
House majority whip James CIyburn, who walked with the contingent from the Black Caucus, heard no racist remarks either.


From a Washington Times editorial:

……For the most part, the liberal media plays along with the Democrats’ disinformation campaigns. Take allegations by Rep. John Lewis, Georgia Democrat, that he heard protesters chanting the N-word “15 times” at a March 20 protest at the U.S. Capitol. Despite dozens of video recordings of the event, there is no evidence to back up Mr. Lewis’ story. Numerous videos show Tea Party members yelling “kill the bill,” but none shows a single protester chanting that awful racial epithet.

The lawmaker’s charge is so dubious that Andrew Breitbart has offered a $100,000 reward to anyone with proof that Mr. Lewis is telling the truth. No one has stepped forward to claim the cash. This lack of verification hasn’t kept the media from continuously repeating the prejudicial tale.

“They can’t actually debate our message, and that’s their problem,” explains Bob MacGuffie, an organizer for a Tea Party group with members in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. The Democrats’ desperation shows that Mr. MacGuffie is right on target. Polls show the American public is angry about the explosion of government power during the Obama presidency and Democratic control of Congress. Liberals in power don’t have thoughtful responses to popular criticism, so they are trying to ostracize skeptical thought and intimidate those brave enough to stand against the bureaucratic juggernaut.

The Media Research Center has a summary of how the MSM went from dismissing to disparaging the movement:

Howie Carr has a hilarious take on the moonbats:

Here’s a novel thought for you limousine liberals: live and let live. Let Sarah Palin and the Tea Party crowd have their rally without being interrupted. How come when you shout somebody down it’s speaking truth to power, but when we say anything it’s “hate speech?”

I mean, have you people ever been bothered at your annual HempFest? Or at the weekly More Handouts for Illegal Aliens rallies at the State House? And remember all those April 15’s when you dirty-necked trust-funders would be outside the JFK building, protesting paying taxes (as if you were actually paying any) to the “war machine.”

……Personally, I rather doubt there will be a big turnout of the “working class” protesters today. It’s too much work, to use the Obama crowd’s least favorite four-letter word. I predict the Tea Party crowd will get hit on by more winos than moonbats. But talk is cheap, especially on the Internet, and the organizer of these anti-Tea Party groups apparently works in a middle school in Oregon as an audio-visual teacher.

You know what they say. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. Those who can’t teach, teach audio-visual.

They’re telling their bed-wetting brigade to make sure to misspell a few words in their signs. Somehow I don’t think that was a tip they really needed to pass on.

More: http://www.bostonherald.com/news/columnists/view.bg?articleid=1247038

There’s an all-out assault on the Constitution and our freedoms by Dem autocrats and their sycophantic media. Joining in the fray are rabid asswipes like Levin who think their peurile bullshit will go unnoticed and unchecked.  Democratic operatives like former New Hampshire Democratic State Party Chairman Kathy Sullivan,  are recruiting leftwing nutters to crash the Tea Parties—Moby style.

……Sullivan has been calling and e-mailing liberal activists trying to get them to attend tea parties in different parts of the state and hold signs denying the authenticity of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate and make racially disparaging comments to reporters.

“This is Kathy’s [Sullivan] project,” the source told NowHampshire.com. “She is absolutely obsessed with painting the tea party people as racists.”

Similar “crash the tea party” efforts are taking place throughout the country on Tax Day.

JammieWearingFool outed a Gemini (hotel) Hospitality executive, Andrew Hendricks, who posted this on his Twitter:

Link: http://jammiewearingfool.blogspot.com/2010/04/hospitality-exec-plans-to-crash-boston.html

After the Tweet made the internet rounds Hendricks threw it down the memory hole, but not before it was cached.  Evidently, it also caused a stir at his company, as one of the commenters pointed out:


There were a series of tweets and retweets about this post after it appeared. In the past few minutes a cloned reply has begun to appear:

@Beregond Sorry this was offensive; opinions of staff, expressed on personal pages, are theirs alone & not reflective of our brand.


More from The American Thinker:

Although nearly 1,000 people filled San Francisco’s Union Square for a Tax Day Tea Party their voices reverberating off the canyon of skyscrapers, San Francisco’s media elite was MIA. No surprise, San Francisco Chronicle blogger Harmon Leon was unable to shed his uber-left bias to do any objective reporting about the 2nd annual Tea Party organized by the Bay Area Patriots, “the original San Francisco Tea Party” group, in his City Brights blog. For example, if Mr. Leon bothered to do real research — that is, talk to the tea partiers — he might have learned that conservatives are devouring pocket-sized copies of “Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution: The Alinsky Model” by David Horowitz.

Mr. Leon would have discovered that conservatives are getting dialed in to the philosophy and tactics of Saul Alinsky and the left … including its usual tricks of deception (tea partiers are racist homophobes), ridicule (Mr. Leon repeatedly called tea partiers “Tea Baggers”) and demonization (blah, blah, blah). While it’s common knowledge that Barack Obama was a disciple of Alinsky and even taught Alinsky’s methods in Chicago, what’s not so readily apparent is Alinsky’s radicals’ end goal: destruction of society from the inside out. Horowitz’s book lays out the game plan in simple, concise terms and has become required reading for all conservatives and tea partiers.
In addition, if Mr. Leon had used his powers of observation, he would have noticed the creative ways Bay Area Patriots make their political points. For instance, at every Bay Area Patriots event, we do something unique: We invite veterans and immigrants and everyday people to come on stage and speak out, standing on a 6′ x 6′ piece of Astroturf — a poke at Nancy Pelosi and David Axelrod’s assertion that any opposition to President Obama is somehow artificial, manufactured, or “Astroturf.” (Axelrod himself invented Astroturf politics in Chicago, creating political causes and campaigns out of thin air based on manufactured outrage.)
The rest here: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2010/04/san_francisco_tea_party_outali.html

The malfeasants on the Left are desperate to shut down any dissent; the same free speech they practice whenever their panties are in a wad.  The First Amendment is not exclusive to neo-Bolsheviks, Fifth Column effetes, and nihilist mooks who think they’re doing something profound for mankind.

If any crasher-type loons pop up at a Tea Party they’ll be singled out for ridicule and probably a quick escort out of the area. The best disinfectant is sunlight.

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  10. DVL,

    Their “mastery of economics” never really existed. That Clinton phrase sure was a cute slogan, huh?

    The new economics: rob from the working people: give to the 47% who either won’t or never did.
    “Spread the wealth”

  11. Funny, 13 years ago they were shouting, “It’s the economy, stupid!” Aside from that slight to those with mental disabilities that they seem to ‘care’ do much about – one has to wonder, what happened to their magnificent economic mastery?

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