Leftwing Fascists Continue Threats, Doxxing Against Conservatives

Time to fight back against these thugs.

Via Gatewaypundit

The antifa Twitter page @AllOutDC is doxxing the names and addresses of prominent Trump supporters in a poster campaign in Washington DC.
The Washington DC Antifa terror group threatened Tucker Carlson again this weekend.

This comes after Antifa DC vandalized his home and threatened his wife back in November.

……On Sunday the DC antifa terrorists posted the name and address of Trump adviser Stephen Miller on posters on the streets of Washington DC.

For some reason this behavior is approved by Twitter — while conservatives get banned for far less.

……And they are posting threats to even more conservatives.

By the way: The Department of Homeland Security has finally declared Soros-funded far-left group Antifa a domestic terrorist organization.

Incoming freshmen at the University of Texas-Austin are being threatened with doxxing if they join conservative campus groups:

The Autonomous Student Network in Austin, Texas, a group that was previously suspended from Twitter after posting private information belonging to supporters of then-Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, is now threatening to do the same to incoming University of Texas-Austin freshmen who join conservative student organizations.

“Hey #UT23! Do you wanna be famous? If you join YCT [Young Conservatives of Texas] or Turning Point USA, you just might be. Your name and more could end up on an article like one of these,” the group tweeted earlier in June, linking to a page on its website, on which it previously posted the private information, including emails and phone numbers, of Kavanaugh supporters.

“So be sure to make smart choices at #UTOrientation,” the group added.

A separate tweet read, “the best #LonghornStateOfMind is an antifascist one. If you begin to spot the young racists trying to join YCT or TPUSA, send us a tip so we can keep our reports up to date #UT23. Also, if you’re an antifascist/anarchist/autonomy inclined Longhorn, reach out & let’s link up!”

……Additionally, the group used its Twitter account to solicit donations for legal fees to support the four Texas State University students arrested in connection with an incident in which a conservative student’s Make America Great Again hat was knocked off his head and stolen.

……University of Texas-Austin spokesperson Shilpa Bakre told Campus Reform, “students should never be targeted or face harassment for their affiliations, political beliefs or any other reason. The anonymous group behind this doxxing is not affiliated with the university, is not a registered student group, and should not present itself in that way. As they did last fall, University Police are continuing to work to ensure the safety of any targeted students and monitor for any potential criminal actions.”


Then, do something about it. Expel the malfeasants and shut down the group. I’m betting the university knows who they are.

The leftie punks don’t like Karma. When one of their asslowns doxxed teachers from Covington Catholic, she got a taste of her own medicine:







They scurry back into the woodwork when they get outed.

Doxxing is a new leftwing fascist tool.

A Dem operative who worked for Sheila Jackson Lee, Diane Feinstein, and others, was arrested for doxxing Republican senators and threatening to release information about their children’s health to social media. He also created a couple of fake Twitter accounts to attack the GOP and Kavanaugh.

CNN hack Andrew Kaczynski, the shitbag who doxxed a Redditor for creating a parody video showing Trump knocking out a WWE character with CNN logo superimposed on his head, was once behind the suicide of a man he falsely identified as one of the Boston Marathon bombers. He also orchestrated a social media attack against a young woman—a 30-year-old PR director named Justine Sacco—because she posted a lame joke about Africa and AIDs.   Kaczynski  decided the Tweet was ‘racist’ and by the time she landed at the airport after an 11 hour flight, she was mobbed by reporters, was fired from her job, and had to go into hiding.

Leftie terrorists are upping the ante on threats and violence .   It’s time to take them down




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1 thought on “Leftwing Fascists Continue Threats, Doxxing Against Conservatives”

  1. Bullies like this are ultimately cowards. Stand up to them, and they run with their tail between their legs and cry victim. They always seem so surprised when their targets don’t passively like down and take their attacks.

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