Leftwing Nutjob Posts Selfie Showing Himself Wearing Two Masks

Unhinged germophobes are in a special category of full retard.

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A leftist on Twitter faced ridicule after posting a selfie in which he bragged about wearing two face masks.

“Taking no chances queue at Waitrose today. Two masks. N95 and surgical. #teir4,” tweeted Mike Chamberlain, who describes himself in his bio as “Pro EU, Remain.”

Behold the unfuckable Soy Boy.


Chamberlain undoubtedly posted the image in a bid for Internet clout for proving what a good and responsible person he was, but the reaction probably wasn’t what he expected.

Many respondents pointed out that by wearing two masks, Chamberlain was essentially saying that the first one doesn’t work.

Others expressed concern for whether or not Chamberlain was able to breathe while some suggested he was irresponsible for not also wearing a hazmat suit.

The responses are hilarious:




Chamberlin accused the amused crowd of being ‘triggered snowflakes’, who “seem to be making the mistake of thinking that I give a shit what they think”.  He then spent a good deal of time trying to prove how much he didn’t give a shit by responding to everyone who tweeted at him.

Finally, he did this:


The triggered leftwing neurotic should wear one of these:


Or he could tie a plastic bag around his head.

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