Leftwingnut Meltdown Over Scott Brown Victory

C’mon, you knew this was coming….

Hat Tip to Michelle Malkin and Hot Air.

Here’s a compliation of hissyfits from the leftwing blogs, Dem politicians, and of course, the entertainment industry.

From comments at HuffPo:

•kellym33: Yay! The party of teabags and Michael Steele and Sarah Palin wins Ted Kennedy’s seat. Mass voted in someone who’s only platform is to be sure to say no along with the rest of the repubs. I didn’t really think it possible to dumb down such a large population of a pretty enlightened state, guess I was wrong.
•oneputtsteven: To all the libs who stayed home in protest. Now you’ve done it. It’s going to be like the scene in Ghostbusters when all the demons and ghosts get released except all the damage will be REAL and it WON”T be funny.
•dollbaby: Make no doubt that this is the gist of what happenend today: This guy was funded by the tea party lobbtist and republicans (secretly). This was a big money play to shut down healthcare and the democratic agenda by insurance companies and corporate America.

From the DUmmies:

•BluDemocratGirl: F*ck the GOP, Ignorant Teabagging Fools, and the Independent Voters who stood up with that pathietic, porn star-wannabe bastard. Mrs. Coakley’s campaign could’ve been stronger, but she ran it down to the drain. I’m pissed ’cause now the health care reform is now in jeopardy!
•Joe the Liberal: It absolutely sickens me… to see this solid blue state have some sleazeball, degenerate, scumbag filth republican as their “representative”. I’m even more sickened and disgusted to see Ted’s seat, that he held for decades on end go to this piece of garbage, cookie cutter, bottom feeding, dirtbag republican.
•Odin2005: Another STOLEN election.
•Akoto: Teddy must be rolling in his grave right now.
•DainBramaged: All of you RePUKElican lurkers can go f*ck yourselves one race. F*ck you.You have NO F*CKING ONE to run against Obama in 2012 so go f*ck yourselves.
•AndyA: If sanity is a right wing, bigoted, homophobic Nazi, well…yes I guess there will be sanity. Pretty faces often hide monsters within.
•TwixVoy: They are chanting like Nazis at his victory rally. Chilling. A glimpse of things to come.

From the Krazy Kos Kooks:

•eXtina: Coakley should be ashamed of herself for allowing Ted Kennedy’s seat to go to not just a Republican, but a teabagger for God’s sake. What a tragic, tragic, ending to his 50 year legacy.
•berkshireblue: So true…MA is an educated state if the campaign SB ran worked here what does this say for the rest of the country. The guy had a completely undistinguished and ineffectual record in the state senate-all of his jobs were in the public sector (thought Repugs HATED that), he ran on being a regular, good looking truck driving guy a la Bush. He didn’t pretend to be smart, a la Palin. That it worked in MA tells me a lot about the average voter and it ain’t pretty.
•maxnyc: what a disgrace after that f*cking four days of truly sad mourning for ted that these assholes–in MA and the white house allowed this to happen! im so happy he is not here to see his legacy trashed by the election of this scum
•fasteddie9318: The real loser here was the entire country But, given how we’ve all allowed the pitchfork-wielding idiocracy to take the country over in the past year, we deserve it.

Leftard film critic Roger Ebert vents:

The thugs from the SEIU poured over $1 million of members’ money into Coakley’s campaign, and proceeded to blame her defeat on the GOP:

“During the past year, Republicans refused to do anything but stand in the way of change and Democratic Senators took too long to do too little. And tonight, the Senate bears the consequences for its failure to act decisively but the American people are the ones left paying the price. If our elected officials don’t recognize that every day more working families fall victim to Washington’s failure to act, the elections next November will result in the same.”

Let’s dissect Andy Stern’s horseshit:

That health care “change” the Dems are trying to make involves a government-controlled system, penalties for those who won’t buy into it, more deficit, higher taxes, the elimination of patient’s choices, and a decline in quality care. It’s not just their domestic screw-ups; we’ve seen the way they handle foreign policy, too.

Secondly, the American people know that their great grandchildren will still be paying off the massive debt left by power hungry Dems.

As for the November elections having the same result, I certainly hope so, Andy.

Keep your fucking ‘change’.

By the way, some SEIU members flipped the bird at Stern and the Dems:

Big Hat Tip to VotingFemale.


The temperature in hell just plummeted to 100 below.

Here’s a (hilarious) video sample of the Dembat reactions:



The Massachusetts election is a precursor of the upcoming election. Scott Brown got elected in a dyed-in-the-wool bluest of blue states.  Teddy Kennedy’s corpse has been dug up repeatedly by the Dems in an effort to win this election and pass a health care disaster.  Kennedy was part and parcel to the economic mess the Dems created and he was no loyal friend of the United States.

Brown’s first act as Senator should be to take the chair on which Ted Kennedy sat, and burn it.

3 thoughts on “Leftwingnut Meltdown Over Scott Brown Victory”

  1. I am so glad that the Kennedy dynasty is dead and gone… All them Liberal fucktards was mad as hell over it, and they should be (everything they touch goes to shit). The American people, especially the White American electorate, have had enough of this Commie cockamamie bullshit- I hope the 18 months of Commie rule in the WH will awaken them to reality- socialism will never ever work… America is built, bred, and ordained by God Himself for freedom… not freedom from Christianity, not freedom from reality, and certainly not freedom from the Constitution. I just hope the next 2 months will lead to a resurgence of American pride, not to mention a spike in the unemployment rate- of Liberal jackasses.

  2. I’m one of those Neanderthals from Massachusetts that voted for Brown. My knuckles were bloodied and battered as I dragged them all the way to the voting booth and voted for Brown while humming “God Bless America” under my breath. I find it amazing, and so doesn’t my wife/sister/cousin that the liberal elites think themselves so much more enlightened than those of us that only just recently started standing upright out of necessity because the bastards started putting the beer on the top shelf. Now I’m not very good at Rithmatic but according to my calculations, using all my toes and fingers of course, it seems to me that the Democrats don’t need, nor have ever needed Republican approval for anything. My wife/sister/cousin told me while I was brushing my tooth, that she didn’t understand why the Democrats didn’t just pass Health Care on their own seeing as how it was so great for the country and they don’t need those damn Republicans for anything. I gotta go, Granny’s got a “condition” and I’ve gotta get her to the outhouse before all hell breaks loose! Thank Goodness we’ve got some leftover Boston Globe pages for her to use.

    1. Dave B,

      That’s hilarious! And it’s exactly the way we are viewed by the leftwing effetes in D.C. and in places like Massachusetts. I live in Ohio; one of the “flyover” states, which usually draws indignant snubs from the “high class”, more-educated-than-us-peons crowd. I also live in a Democratic stronghold (N.E. Ohio) which has a propensity to vote for any dud as long as there’s a “D” by their name. I wrote about this in 2008. Here’s the link if you’re interested:

      Maybe one day your wife/sister/cousin (LOL!) will wake up and smell the sewer gas.

      SFC MAC

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