Liberal Irony: Facebook Boots Conservative for Post Saying Facebook Censors Conservatives

Lauren Southern, a conservative commentator, was just banned from Facebook for 30 days because she posted a comment that criticized the left-leaning hierarchy’s habit of censoring opposing viewpoints.

Evidently, posting the simple truth about a leftwing hypocrite gets you in trouble with the Zuck.

lauren southern2

lauren southern2


The complete story from Paul Watson.

Zuckerberg just met with conservatives who are concerned about the bias.  Glenn Beck, who used to be a decent conservative, literally sucked up to Zuckerberg during the meeting, and Southern wondered if he might lend a hand.

lauren southern3


Facebook’s staff  is manipulative, unethical, dishonest, and leftwing. Who didn’t know this?

Mark Zuckerberg is such a big fan of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ thugs, he forced curators to insert propaganda about the group into ‘trending’ news feeds.

He also kowtows to radical muzzies  and their violent objections to caricatures of mohammad.

Conservative sites have been suspended over Zuckerberg’s political preferences, but leftie blogs and muzzie pro-terrorist Facebook pages are relatively unscathed.

If you’re going to have a site that supports your opinions, fine. Just don’t claim to be ‘neutral’.

2 thoughts on “Liberal Irony: Facebook Boots Conservative for Post Saying Facebook Censors Conservatives”

  1. Glen Beck drank the koolaid when he met with Facebook administrators. They are so blocking conservative Facebook Posts.

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