Loony Louis Farrakhan’s UC Berkeley Address Actually Offends Some Students

The offended being his Jewish targets.

This is what passes for  “black empowerment”.

Nation of Islam minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a speech to hundreds at the University of California Berkeley Saturday and some students took issue with parts of his message.

Minister Louis Farrakhan opened the Afrikan Black Coalition Conference at UC Berkeley Saturday, bringing together black students from colleges across the state.

The 78-year-old minister urged the 600 or so students to depend on themselves for jobs and learn more about black history. He also pushed a controversial book that alleges Jews dominated the slave trade.

“(He said) that Jews control the government and that you need to be their friends in order to be successful, that Jews control the media. To me, that was just so hateful and horrible,” said Noah Ickowitz, a UC Berkelely ASUC Senator.

“This is not hate, this is actual facts,” Farrakhan said.

Outside Wheeler Hall, a few students passed out petitions expressing their discontent with minister Farrakhan’s presence on campus.

“I believe the (Black Student Union) had every right to bring Farrakhan, but we are hurt by Farrakhan’s words,” Ickowitz said to students outside the auditorium.

The minister condemned the opposition and even discouraged dialogue between Jews and blacks.

“I personally don’t care if I ever get along if I’ve got to hide the truth to win a friend,” Farrakhan said to crowd.

Taqiyya, anyone?

But members of UC Berkeley’s Black Student Union said the overall message was inspiring.

“What I got out of it was how we as black students can take our education and utilize it to build the black community back up,” said Stephan Montouth. “We’re looking at the minister’s statements in terms of how to empower the black community not all of the other controversial things that he may have said in the past.”

Inspiring.  Like Jeremiah Wright and Fred Phelps.  They’re both racist, anti-semitic demagogues; just on opposite sides of the theological spectrum.

Farrakhan also mocked Asians in his speech.

A militant streak still runs through Berkeley.  The place of the so-called Free Speech Movement in the 1960s, (which in no way resembles the real one in Philadelphia in 1776) is quite a spectacle. 

And this is what passes for philosophical intellect:

Sadalia King, a 23-year-old UC Davis student, said she had come to hear the 78-year-old Farrakhan to witness someone she has studied.

“Knowing he’s a controversial figure, I knew he was going to say something,” said King, adding that she sympathized with those who opposed his appearance. “I think there’s a generation gap … Just like your grandparents. You know they might say something a little crazy, but you’re still going to love and respect and appreciate them.”

Louis is her eccentric uncle who lives in the attic and blurts out something ‘a little crazy’ now and then.

When Farrakhan was finished with his anti-semitic, anti-white, pro-Islamofascist rant, he got a standing ovation.  Hitler would be proud.

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