LTC Allen West US ARMY, (RET) Defines the Enemy

Lt. Col Allen West (US ARMY RET) and candidate for Congress, was asked at The Hudson Institute’s Reclaim American Liberty Conference, about the nature of the enemy we face.  While others on the panel struggled for an answer, LTC West jumped right on it.


The LTC gave a brief history lesson on muslim aggression and Islamic philosophy as prescribed in the Koran, Shura, and Hadiths.

The last thing he said in his speech was especially to the point:

“Until you get principled leadership in the United States of America that is willing to say that, we will continue to chase our tail.  Because we will never clearly define who this enemy is and then understand it; their goals and objectives—which is on any jihadist website—and then come up with the right and proper goals and objectives to not only secure our Republic, but to secure Western civilization.”


He’s running for Congress in Florida. I’m stuck in the Dem stronghold of Northeast Ohio, and we could use a candidate like Lt. Col West….for President.

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2 thoughts on “LTC Allen West US ARMY, (RET) Defines the Enemy”

  1. I really like Mr West. Nothing but class,always to the point. Being from Florida, I’m proud we can bring him to the game.Come on Florida this guy is for real,and we need him.

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