LTC Ralph Peters: ‘Obama is Really Afraid of Vladimir Putin’

Update: Right on cue, Vladimir tells Obama to fuck off:

Russian President Vladimir Putin defended the country’s moves in Ukraine as being consistent with international law during a phone call with Obama, escalating a high-stakes standoff over Moscow’s military incursion into Crimea.

Obama and Putin spoke for an hour by phone Thursday as the administration moved on several fronts to counter Russia’s aggression in the Crimean peninsula.

A statement published on the Kremlin website early Friday said that during the call, Vladimir Putin condemned the newly formed Kiev government as the result of an “anti-constitutional coup” and said Russia was “unable to ignore” requests for protection from the region.

Putin stressed the importance of Russian-American relations, and said he hoped they would not become “a victim of disagreement” on certain issues.

“Victim of disagreement” means that Vlad has no problem ignoring Obama.

Via Newsmax.

Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters questioned whether President Barack Obama fears Vladimir Putin because of the way the U.S. leader has dealt with the Russian president over violence in Ukraine, as well as issues involving Syria, Iran, and ex-CIA contractor Edward Snowden.

“On some profound psychological level, he seems to be really afraid of Vladimir Putin because he’s let Putin run all over us on Iran, Syria, Snowden, the dreadfully one-sided START deal,” Peters told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” Friday.

Peters echoed the sentiments of Arizona GOP Sen. John McCain, who called Obama “the most naïve president in history” for his mishandling of relations with Russia. Not only was Obama naïve, Peters added, “he appears willfully naïve.”

With the situation in the Ukraine between the government and freedom protesters spiraling further into violence, Peters charged Obama with a “reluctance to say anything of meaning, anything forceful, about the freedom struggle in Ukraine.” He said the message Obama’s hesitance sent to Putin was that the United States regarded Ukraine “as falling within Russia’s sphere of influence.”

The tentative agreement between the Ukraine government and the protesters, calling for new elections and a return to the country’s 2004 constitution, would not be a solution, Peters predicted. He said, instead, it offered a “pause” and “breathing space.”

“Putin is not going to give up. He wants Ukraine back. And he may literally fight for it if necessary,” he said.

Exactly. If anyone believes Putin won’t follow up on his threat to grab Ukraine and force it back under Russian dominance, they’re as stupid as Obama.

Barky has totally failed with  Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, and Libya.  He  was  owned by Vladimir Putin over the START treaty, and he screwed our Eastern European allies; making agreements that forbid the United States to improve defenses against ballistic missile attacks.

Putin has no reason whatsoever to worry about the chickenshit in the Oval Office.

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