Matt Lauer Fawns Over THE ONE….Again

They foisted this waste of skin into office, and the adulation continues.

Hat Tip to News Busters.

NBC’s Matt Lauer, in an exclusive interview with the President on Tuesday’s Today show, bought into Barack Obama’s contention that opposition to the health care bill by Republicans was motivated solely by partisan and not ideological grounds as he underlined: “So you’re saying it’s all politics. It’s, it’s not about the inner workings of the bill, it’s all politics” and clarified for the President “the fix was in, is what you’re basically saying.”
Lauer also asked Obama how he will be able to overcome the Republicans to get anything done: “The vitriol, the rhetoric, the sniping, the threats, how are you possibly going to continue with any kind of legislative agenda when your opponents have said to you, ‘I’m not gonna cooperate with this president, with these Democrats, unless it’s a matter of national security.’ How do you move on?

“The vitriol, the rhetoric, the sniping…” For a second there, I thought he might be referring to the actual rabid, frothing attacks on the American people by the Democrats.

This is the interview in a nutshell:
Lauer: “How can you stay so sexy and hot and detached while the mean, ugly, nasty masses pick on you so much?”

THE ONE: “Well, I am after all, Me.  Mr. Cool on Display.  The anointed one.  Matt, fetch me another drink. And next time, make sure you shave your tongue before you lick my boots. You messed up the shine.”

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