McCabe Admits to Obstruction

Leaking and lying to federal investigators. Why is he not already prosecuted and in jail?


Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is apologizing to a bureau investigator after coming clean about a media leak. Newly released documents showed McCabe admitted to misleading investigators during an August 2017 interview.

He was questioned about two media leaks on the same day James Comey was fired. McCabe was reportedly asked if he knew how FBI information ended up in a 2016 article by The Wall Street Journal about the Clinton Foundation. He initially denied knowing about the leak, but he walked back his claim in a follow-up interview.

The DOJ watchdog later found that McCabe had directed FBI lawyer Lisa Page to share the information he had publicly denied.

“I’ve said from the very beginning I absolutely reject that report, because I never intentionally mislead anyone about anything,” said McCabe. “I will not stand up and claim that I’ve done something I didn’t do.”

According to FBI documents, McCabe was blamed for sidetracking the bureau’s work by one of the agents conducting the interview.

McCabe has since sued the FBI and DOJ over his firing.



He’s not the only one who should be indicted for that and much more.

The order to shut down the investigation into Hillary’s corrupt Foundation came right from Obama.

The crime spree in the Obama regime involved cover ups and sedition.

McCabe wasn’t just privy to the conversation between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page when they discussed an ‘insurance policy,’ against a Trump presidency, he was part of it.  He also initiated White House meetings that produced ‘anonymous source’ leaks promoting the false ‘Trump-Russian collusion’ story.

He  altered the summary of the interview with Mike Flynn, and destroyed the evidence.

There was all out sedition on part of the FBI leadership , especially James Comey, and the Obama regime to undermine the election and overthrow Donald Trump if he became president.



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