Minnessota Town Duped by Phony Soldier

I’d love to come face to face with this little puke. I’d slap her so hard, her grandkids would get headaches.

The town of Cass Lake embraced Elizabeth McKenzie last month when she arrived at the high school in her Army uniform for a welcome home ceremony.

Though she isn’t a tribal member, the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Honor Guard gave her a blanket and an eagle feather to honor her as a woman warrior for her service in Afghanistan. There was a tribal drum ceremony and a reception line. Accepting the town’s gratitude, McKenzie talked about the close calls she’d had and a war injury that brought her home. She led the march in the high school gym, carrying the American flag, and the local newspaper documented the hero’s return.

But none of it was true. The 20-year-old McKenzie was never injured in combat, had never been to Afghanistan, never been deployed anywhere. In fact, she’s never been in the military.

Now the 2009 grad of Cass Lake High School has been cited for impersonating an officer, which in Minnesota includes the military. And the people of Cass Lake are trying to recover from feeling duped by their own good intentions.

……Reached for comment, McKenzie replied through an e-mail on Saturday that she didn’t want to discuss the situation.

Yeah, especially because it sucks to be busted in a lie, ya little fuck.
The requisite “mental issues” excuse:

Her mother, who lives in Two Harbors, told the station that McKenzie had struggled with mental health problems for years, which had led to her estrangement from family members.

She got a lot of publicity for this hoax, and her family didn’t step forward to tell anyone???
Real veterans noticed things that weren’t right with her uniform, but felt uncomfortable questioning her about it. It came to light that she was actually attending a college just over 100 miles away and worked at a part time job the entire time she claimed to be in Afghanistan. Her cover was blown when a college recuiter from her school finally started asking questions.
She should spend time in an 8×10 cell, but unfortunately, her defense lawyer will probably use a “free speech” ruling as a defense.
The California (where else?) 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, a bastion of leftwing judges, ruled a while back that the Stolen Valor Act was “unconstitutional”. I don’t know where in the hell impersonating a member of the military is protected under the constitution. I’ve read the document, and I’ve never seen any reference to that so-called “right”.

Lying about your military service, fraud, and impersonating is “ free speech”? Well hell, in that case, just provide a fill-in-the-blank DD214 for these turds so they can create their own “history”, carte blanche.

What about perjury, obstruction of justice, or impersonating a police officer or a doctor? Can I computer-generate a law-school diploma along with an impressive resume, and call myself a judge?

Servicemembers caught doing what McKenzie did are subject to Courts Martial. Former servicemembers and civilians should not be exempt from prosecution.

It’s called “Stolen Valor” for a reason.

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