Moonbats Riot in Denver, 100 Arrested

The real fun begins.

About 100 protesters were being processed early today at Denver’s temporary processing center in a former warehouse.

Depending on their charges, they should be processed by 4 a.m. or 5 a.m., said Capt. Frank Gale of the Denver Sheriff’s Office.

“It’s working exactly the way it is supposed to do,” Gale said of the facility.

If the detainees have the resources, they could post bond, Gale said. Others could end up being taken back to the main jail.

About 7 p.m. Monday, riot police using pepper spray forced a couple of hundred protesters out of Civic Center and then blocked them before they could reach the 16th Street Mall.

Police surrounded the protesters along 15th Street between Court Street and Cleveland Place and then moved up reinforcements, including at least two armored vehicles.

Lynn Kimbrough, a spokeswoman for the convention’s Joint Information Center, said one officer fired pepper spray during the initial confrontation near the City and County Building and one officer fire pepper spray on 15th Street. She also said one officer fired pepper balls in once instance, but wasn’t sure of the timing.

She said an officer fired the first spray when several of the protesters charged toward the police line, which had been set up to protect the roadway and prevent any movement toward the pedestrian mall.

Of course they blame the consequences of their behavior on law enforcement:

……Larry Hales with the activist group Recreate 68 said his group did nothing wrong Monday and had a permit for the Civic Center gathering when police closed in and created havoc.

Hales said that if they are not released by the morning, the activists will protest outside the police headquarters.

……Protesters and police had originally lined up across from one another in front of City and County Building about 7 p.m., the police wearing their full riot gear and holding batons, chanting “move back, move back.”

Police used pepper spray before the mass of marchers moved back across the park and were cut off by police behind the

……A police spokesman said that they had massed their forces in the park based on intelligence about the protesters’ actions.

One demonstrator, who would not give his name, said the confrontation began when “a bunch of us were supposed to have a direct action march.”


The numbers didn’t match the hyperbole.

……Curiousity seekers stood outside the police cordon, outnumbering the marchers.

Protestors told reporters they were a mix of Tent State participants and those identifying themselves as anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-war individuals.

The usual gang of idiots. One hint: They’re not referring to Islamo-fascists.

At least one of them opted to save his own hiney.

……Sam Harper, 36, of Eufaula, Okla., said he was here to protest the war, but he wasn’t prepared to be injured.

“When I saw the tear gas, I split. I don’t need to get beat down,” Harper said.

They shouted the usual crap.

Some in the crowd outside the police lines, which included onlookers and media, chanted: “Cops here. Bombs there. U.S. out of everywhere.”

Get that? Only the U.S.  Not Russia.  Not Islamic terrorists sponsored by Iran, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, et al. 

“Show me what the First Amendment looks like.”

I’m showing you right now, without inciting a riot. And so are millions of other Soldiers, past and present, who protect your right to free speech.

One of them decided he wasn’t so ‘dedicated to the cause’ after all.

……A protester named Timmy said he had slipped out of his all-black outfit and then slipped outside the police cordon.

“We want freedom from oppression,” he said. “We want direct democracy where communities are allowed to make decisions based on our own abilities. It takes bottom-up organizing to make change; it doesn’t take a leader. We want cooperations, not capitalism.”

Freedom of expression….decisions based on your own abilties…that’s exactly what democracy and capitalism promote, but you’re too pre-occupied with numb skull ideas about communist ‘utopias’ and committing vandalism.

In this country, they have the opportunity to seek and excel in any occupation that matches their abilities and motivation. Instead, I’m willing to bet that most of them are unemployed, still attending college classes taught by left-over 60’s radicals, and living in Mom’s basement.

The trouble is, their version of ‘freedom of expression’ involves anarchy and inflicting their Bolshevik idiocy on the rest of us.

Sorry comrades. We won’t cooperate.

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