More Assaults on Tea Party Members by Dem Thugs

This is the second one this week.
Via Riehl World View

It’s beginning to look as though Democrats have adopted a policy of physical confrontation regarding individuals filming public campaign events. On Friday September 24, there was an assault at an Oregon event. Now, it’s being reported there was one at a Strickland campaign event in Ohio. See video below.


The man who had the hot coffee poured down his back is a Republican staffer and Iraq War veteran. Aren’t both these events a little more serious than Allen’s infamous macaca comment? As with the Oregon event, people have already been hurt. As I recall, despite no evidence of any assaults, the media accused Sarah Palin of potentially encouraging this type of thing by her rhetoric back in 2008. Obama is supposed to be the leader of his party. Why isn’t Mr. Hope and Change telling them to knock off the thuggery? Maybe because the media isn’t even reporting it?

Of course, Strickland’s myrmidons will never identify this punk.   Stay classy, moonbats.

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