More Condemnation of NAACP Racism

American patriots, both black and white, gathered at Big Government to give the NAACP the smackdown it so richly deserves.

Deneen Borelli:

I condemn the NAACP. Instead of criticizing tea parties, the NAACP would be better served denouncing the racist comments made by a member of the New Black Panther Party and its voter intimidation outside a Philadelphia polling place in the last presidential election. As a frequent speaker at tea party rallies around the country, I can assure the NAACP that the tea party movement’s concerns are about President Obama’s policies and not his race.

Kevin Martin:

I condemn the NAACP. They have allowed a small group of hard-left extremists to use the group’s past prestige to smear the diverse assemblage of Americans who comprise the tea party movement. They call the tea parties and allied organizations racists because they have become a powerful force of peaceful political dissent against our ever-overreaching government.

These extremists are using the NAACP’s historical name as a foil to obtain and retain power while indignities directed against fellow blacks disagreeing with their policies and tactics seem to be encouraged. They provide cover for their fellow progressives at the peril of fostering racism, division and class warfare.

R. Dozier Gray:

I condemn the NAACP. I wish I could be surprised that the NAACP has passed a resolution condemning the tea party movement because of alleged racism. Unfortunately, I am not. But I really just don’t get it. It’s as if simply not being totally in the Obama camp makes one automatically anti-black.

The NAACP should, in my opinion, be about freedom of thought, expression and existence for all people. Instead, NAACP seems desirous of only protecting thought and expression that agrees with them. I think that is wrongheaded.

Bob Parks:

I must admit, I didn’t think the NAACP could top the whole Hallmark-card-is-racist fiasco, but never underestimate the power of stupidity. One thing progressives are very good at is using black people and they’ve found some that are willing enough dupes to help facilitate their plan.

……Like the ignoramuses in Los Angeles who lost their collective minds over racist mispronunciations of black ‘holes’ versus the ‘whores’ they wanted to hear, the national NAACP believes the Tea Party is racist simply because the Barack Obama they oppose is black; not because they oppose the out-of-control fiscal policies of the second black president and his arrogant party leadership.

While I don’t recall seeing any reports from NAACP members who personally witnessed hearing racist verbiage and/or signs, they are following the White House talking points that the nearly all-white Tea Party is hostile to President Obama purely because of his race. I mention the personal attendance of the NAACP at Tea Parties because I’ve been to both the 9/12 march on D.C. as well as the health care reform rally on Capitol Hill and the only physical assaults I suffered at the hands of rabid, angry white Teabaggers were hugs from people who read my website.

More from Bob Parks:

LTC Allen West, US ARMY (RET):

The NAACP has missed the target. Their target should not be the Tea Party, but instead the larger issues facing the Black community: astronomical unemployment rates (15.5%) and the breakdown of the Black family, which result in higher drop-out rates, disproportionate incarceration rates and teen pregnancy rates (12.6%). These issues should be the focus of increased scrutiny by the NAACP.

This NAACP Resolution is consistent with the Obama administration tactic of demonizing and blaming someone else for your own failures and shortcomings, and not take responsibility and accountability.


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