More From the Rabid Anti-Zimmerman Lynch Mob

Assorted psychos, savages, thugs, racists, bigots, race pimps, sexists, and  leftwing douchebags. In other words, Obama voters.

Death threats:

Lynch mob, thugs threaten Zimmerman jury (

Portland: ‘every fucking cop is a fucking target’  (

Twitter lynch mob threatens to kill George Zimmerman (

New Black Panther who put bounty on Zimmerman head vows ‘black man will exact justice on Zimmerman’ (Breitbart.ocm)

Dems do the usual political exploitation:

Reid on Zimmerman: ‘This isn’t over with’ (

Disgraced ex-governor Elliot Spitzer: ‘This is a failure of justice’ (

Ignoring the fact that Zimmerman’s defense avoided using the “Stand Your Ground” law in its case, liberal demagogue Mike Bloomberg spewed: ‘End shoot first laws’  (

Not satisfied with the justified verdict, Holder’s merry band of miscreants at the DOJ are looking to harass Zimmerman with criminal civil rights charges.

Holder is a corrupt little asswipe with a hard-on for ‘whitey’.  His propensity for radical bullshit goes back a while.  In 1972, he was part of an armed takeover at Columbia University of a former ROTC headquarters.

Here’s the race-baiting activist in all his glory:

This is the same DOJ that funded and organized anti-Zimmerman protests, refuses to prosecute Black Panther thugs, and whose Deputy Assistant Attorney General has implemented a policy of ‘Never bring another lawsuit against a black or other national minority’.

The Zimmerman defense team plans on filing a lawsuit of their own against NBC for its fraudulent audio editing.

They ought to file a counter-suit against Holder for funding anti-Zimmerman protests, which is a clear abuse of office.

The leftwingnuts in the media are going apeshit:

NPR blogger: Whether Zimmerman fired in self-defense is a “really, really small technical point”.

WaPo’s racial narrative: “Trayvon Martin, “African-American, Zimmerman has a white father and a Peruvian mother”.

CNN’s left-wing hack Candy Crowley:  “Do you think the American justice system is innately racist?”

By the way: public opinion of the media is at an all time low: 28%.

The parade of celebrity assclowns are on a tear:

Chris Rock’s idiocy

Jamie Foxx’s thinly veiled threat: ‘We will make sure he did not die in vain’.   By doing what? Inciting race riots?  He wants to act out his “kill all the white people” fantasies.

Kirstie Alley’s vapid stupidity

Toni Braxton’s shame

Matthew Modine says “creepy ass cracker” isn’t racist. As long as it’s directed at a Hispanic.

Katy Perry, race baiter

Mia Farrow, Drama Queen

At least one of them gets it right:

‘Professional’ athletes get in on the act:

@brendon310 (NFL free agent linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo): “I guess murder is OK.”

@Isaiah_Thomas2: “People are about to go crazy now. SMH!!!!!!!”

Atlanta Falcons’ Roddy White: Zimmerman jurors should go home and kill themselves

Race hucksters Jackson and Sharpton:

Jackson: “The jury, no black and no men, was always suspect.” I always thought juries were supposed to be composed of your ‘peers’. In that case, why weren’t they 6 “white Hispanics”?

Sharpton compares Martin’s death to crucifixion.

The requisite white liberal guilt:

Angry white liberal chick in Portland, Oregon (big surprise) says white people have to “check your privilege”.

Really???  What fucking “privilege”?

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