More Good Stuff From ‘Machosauce’

A refresher: The videos at these links were made by ‘machosauceproduction’ by a rarity; a black conservative Republican. He’s a no-nonesense guy who talks straight at the camera and Democrats, regardless of color.

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The latest video here:

Best quote in the vid:

“We all oughta start calling Barack Obama ‘Joe the Plumber’, because his tax plan is gonna bend America over and lay some serious pipe”.

Right on the money.

2 thoughts on “More Good Stuff From ‘Machosauce’”

  1. mickmck007,

    Encouraging the youth vote is a double edged sword. The same right that gets them involved in the political process and future of the country can have devastating repercussions, especially when the only reason they choose a candidate is for the “coolness” factor.


  2. looks like you and I agree 100% ont his election. I think young people voted of obama because they though it was “cool”

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