More Racist Bullshit From the Unhinged Left

Being a Republican supporter brings out the “tolerance” in Dems.

Via Big Government.

In Virginia’s 5th district, a supporter of (Dem) Rep. Tom Perriello goes on a rampage against supporters of Republican Robert Hurt who had assembled for a rally.


Obama, the leftwing-dominated main stream media, and Dem politicians and their supporters, display some of the most vulgar, racist, bigoted, vile behavior, while turning a blind eye to the actions of one of their own.

The black Dem assclown spotted a black conservative Hurt supporter in the crowd, and called them a “house nigger”.

Aren’t liberals a hoot?

UPDATE: Hurt won the election. I can imagine the full blown aneurism this piece of shit had on 2 November 2010.

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