More Shovel Ready Obamanomics: Boeing to Close Witchita Plant

An extra treat resulting from  Obama’s 2012 budget that will give orgasms to anti-military assclowns.

Boeing Co said it would close a plant in Wichita by the end of 2013 that employs more than 2,160 workers maintaining and converting planes for the military, part of a move to cut costs as the U. S. defense budget tightens.
The decision announced on Wednesday drew a bitter reaction from Kansas politicians, who felt Boeing had betrayed commitments to the state and their efforts to help the company win a big refueling aircraft contract from the U.S. Air Force.
The Wichita plant is the base for the company’s Global Transport & Executive Systems business, which supports the U.S. Air Force’s executive fleet, and its B-52 and 767-based aerial tanker programs.
The first job cuts are expected in the third quarter. Boeing said it still expects to make purchases worth billions of dollars with Kansas-based suppliers.

……Northrop Grumman Corpthis week said it would lay off over 200 workers in Texas. BAE Systems Plcis also closing a plant in Texas.

Meanwhile, King Barack and his wife and children blow through millions of taxpayer dollars to fund celebrity-studded Halloween parties and trips to the golf course, Hawaii, and Martha’s Vineyard.

There’s also nothing in this latest budget farce that curtails the waste of money on outrageous earmarks, out-of-control “stimulus”,  pork barrel projects, and mortgage Ponzi schemes.

Want to save more money? Stop funding the PBS and NPR with our tax dollars. Kick the U.N. out of the United States.  For years it’s served as a lobbyist and mouthpiece for communist regimes, Islamofascist nation-states, and global socialism.  It’s a taxpayer-funded forum for despots. Get rid of it.  You could also save billions by eliminating the pathetic, modern-day prohibition police, the Drug Enforcement Administration. Dissolve the fatuous, hectoring Ad Council.  Shut down bloated leftwing union political tools like the Department of Education, which would save at least $50 billion for taxpayers. There’s lots of ways to cut back on the debt without short-changing the infrastructure and national security.

Finding a majority of principled representatives to do that will be next to impossible.

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