More Union Vandalism and Violence While Trumka Schmoozes With Obama

Earlier this morning 500 or so members of the AFL-CIO stormed a port in Washington, vandalized the facility, reportedly cut the brake lines of train cars, and held six guards hostage. Shockingly, no one was arrested. Earlier that week a judge issued a restraining order against this same group after they clashed with police while brandishing bats and issuing death threats. Nineteen people were arrested for misdemeanors.

While all of this was going on, the group’s head, Richard Trumka, (head of the AFL-CIO) was invited as a guest of the President to tonight’s jobs address.

More here:

Obama’s union pals can commit violence, take hostages, and vandalize, but no one gets arrested. Big surprise.

Obama gave his stamp of approval on Jimmy Hoffa’s declaration of war on Tea Party “sons of bitches”, and while Trumka’s goons are committing violent crimes, he’s holding court at Obama’s speech.

Nary a peep out of the MSM over this. The leftwing hacks in the media didn’t raise any hell over the violence and death threats by union thugs in Wisconsin or when a non-union business owner was shot outside his home.

The police are useless, and Obama’s regime supports these union brownshirts.  Businesses and employees will have to start arming themselves and shoot to kill.

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